12 Minimalist Bathroom Sink Designs

 The interior design of the house must be arranged carefully so that it looks harmonious and more beautiful. One of the interior elements of the room that must get attention is the sink. You can choose a minimalist sink design to enhance the beauty of the home bathroom interior.

Currently, minimalist sink designs are increasingly diverse with quality and special materials. Some of the following sink views can certainly be an interesting reference for your residence.

1. Oval Sink with a Cabinet at the Bottom

The classic style of an oval-shaped sink is always compatible with a minimalist home interior . The white color on the sink displays an elegant and simple impression. In fact, the function of the sink is also maximized because the bottom is equipped with a cabinet to store items in a closed manner.

2. Large Sink with Wooden Cabinet

In addition to a small cabinet, a wooden cabinet is also suitable as an equivalent to a minimalist sink design. Not only does it make the bathroom seem more luxurious, these wooden cabinets are also very useful for keeping the bathroom clean. The minimalist sink design which is equipped with a partitioned wooden cupboard allows you to freely group the items stored in the cupboard.

3. Container-shaped sink with a wooden table

If you are bored with the appearance of a sink that seems ordinary, you can choose a face-shaped sink that is more concave in shape. This unique shape of the sink is even more perfect when combined with a wooden table. Your bathroom will also look more special with this combination of sink designs.

4. Sink from Natural Stone

If you want to bring out a natural impression on the interior of your home, then a sink made of natural stone can be the best choice. The minimalist sink design made of natural stone looks different from ordinary sinks because the color is darker and the texture is more varied. This minimalist sink can be combined with a wooden table to reinforce a natural impression.

5. Sink Made of Glass

Glass is one of the best materials for making sinks. You have to choose thick glass so that the sink is not easily cracked or scratched. If you are bored with ordinary glass, you can choose an alternative in the form of colored glass for the sink. Make sure that you take care of the glass sink carefully so that it doesn't look dull due to dirt and splashes of water that has settled.

6. Luxury Marble Sink

There is no doubt about the popularity of marble for enhancing home interiors. The minimalist sink design is also suitable to be combined with marble materials to produce a luxurious impression. Marble sinks are not only pleasing to the eye, but also more durable than ceramic or glass.

7. Unique sink made of wood

Who says wood can't be used for bathroom elements. In fact, a minimalist sink made of wood actually looks attractive and can last a long time if cared for properly. We recommend that you use solid wood materials such as teak or mahogany as provided by Bramble Furniture to make the sink. This is so that the wooden sink is not easily damaged even though it is exposed to water every day.

8. Luxurious Sink Combined with Mosaic Ceramics

The varied colors of ceramic mosaics are indeed the main attraction when applied to home interiors. You can combine a white sink with a table consisting of mosaic tiles to produce a luxurious look . The motifs on the mosaic tiles will make the sink table not seem monotonous.

9. Glass sink that blends with marble countertops

A strong minimalist impression can also be displayed through a combination of glass sinks and marble countertops. A minimalist glass sink with a simple shape will be even more beautiful if it is equipped with a marble countertop. In fact, this minimalist sink design is also effective in making your bathroom seem more spacious.

10. Sink with a Classic Victorian Design

Victorian design is not always synonymous with complicated and exaggerated style. In fact, you can display a classic-style sink that still looks minimalist through choosing the right elements. A sink with a wavy texture will look attractive when combined with a classic faucet. Next, all you have to do is combine the sink and faucet with a pastel-colored table to keep it simple.

11. Practical Stainless Steel Sink

One of the advantages of stainless steel elements for sinks is that they look minimalist and anti-rust. You can carry out a minimalist sink design appropriately if you choose stainless steel material. Try to choose a stainless steel material with a thick texture so that your sink is more durable and doesn't dent easily.

12. Sink Combined with Colored Ceramics

The use of monochrome colors in the sink can indeed cause boredom. However, you can overcome this by combining the right sink color combinations. A white sink can be combined with a ceramic base and a light-colored cabinet so that the minimalist impression still stands out without making the sink look monotonous.