6 ideas for designing a minimalist living room that makes you feel at home

 In today's homes, the living room and family room often have the same function. In contrast to the past which separated these two areas in separate rooms, minimalist home trends more often make the living room and family room in one room. For this reason, a minimalist style living room must be able to provide enough area for family gatherings or when guests come, watch TV, as well as a comfortable place to relax.

Minimalist design is perfect when used in a living room with a limited area. Besides being able to make it look neat and minimalist, the living room still has its own aesthetic value which will make the room look elegant and luxurious. Here are some inspirations for a minimalist style living room for you.

1. Apply White Color

The use of bright colors in occupancy will tend to give a broad impression to the room, because it is the nature of white to reflect light. For a minimalist space, you should choose natural colors such as white, light gray, beige or light brown. Especially if the area of ​​your living room is not too large, using white or other natural colors on the walls, furniture, and curtains will give the impression that the room is wider and brighter. Apart from using natural colors, you can also add a mirror to give the illusion of a wide impression on the room.

2. Maximize Light with Large Windows

A large window is one of the most important elements that must be present in your living room. The function of large windows that stretch across your living room will provide good light and air quality. Not only that, good morning sunlight will bring a warm atmosphere into the room. Natural light that enters optimally can also be natural lighting, and the cool breeze will also make the room feel fresher. The beautiful view from the outside will also provide its own comfort and freshness that can be enjoyed from inside the house.

3. Use Wood Elements

Want to have a house with thick natural elements? Using wood material in every element of the living room interior from the floor, walls, to furniture can give the impression of a natural and soft room. Wood material is also very well known for its cool effect when the air is hot, as well as a warm effect when the air is cold. You can adjust the selection of wood colors and finishes according to your taste to give a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the living room. Wood can also make a house seem more luxurious and classy, ​​you know.

4. Create High Ceilings

A small and minimalist room tends to make occupants feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable when they are in it. Now to solve this problem, you can make a high ceiling in the living room to help circulate air in the house. Usually, the height of the double height ceiling that can be applied to homes ranges from 7 to 8 meters. This high ceiling system can be used in houses with one floor or more.

5. Provide Neat Storage

For a living room with a minimalist design, you should only use essential furniture such as sofas , tables or cabinets. Too much furniture in the room will make it look cramped and cramped. To keep the living room neat and pleasing to the eye, maximize wall shelves as places for books, photo frames, televisions, small plant pots and other decorations. Arrange the shelves neatly and preferably not too full so that the living room feels comfortable and spacious.

6. Add Fresh Shades of Green

As a place to rest and unwind with family at home, the living room must be able to provide a comfortable and fresh atmosphere. One way is to add some fresh greenery to the room. If possible, you can also place the living room close to a park or green area in the house. Apart from providing a beautiful view, the air in the living room will feel fresher and cooler with the presence of plants. Seeing plants in the house can also help eyes that are tired from looking at gadgets or computers for too long.