6 Wood Wall Background Inspirations for Photo Spots at Home

 Do you want to have an Instagrammable photo spot at home? One easy way is to apply a wooden background to the wall. The wall background will effectively build a certain impression in the room. Wood material can give a warm touch through the appearance of its fibers and natural colors, as well as presenting a soothing natural feel.

Plus, there's a wide variety of colors and patterns that can bring out a variety of expressions. The features used can be wood latticework, wood profiles that display a three-dimensional effect, or thinly cut wood panels. The wood used can also be solid wood or processed wood. Come on, take a look at the following artistic wooden background inspiration.

1. Parquet Background

Not only on the floor, you can also apply parquet as an attractive wall covering. The parquet wall background clearly presents a different expression and texture to the room. Your eyes also feel spoiled by the harmonious blend of natural and warm impressions that are displayed on this parquet background .

2. Chevron pattern

It doesn't have to be horizontal or vertical, you can also be creative by making a chevron or herringbon pattern on a wooden wall. The pattern of this wooden design will give the room an artistic dynamic impression. This pattern is also very suitable to be applied to one of the walls of the room as the main focus as well as a contemporary photo background . Use planks of wood in a variety of natural colors to create a beautiful chevron pattern. This wooden plank wall will also attract more attention with the addition of several displays such as paintings or photo frames on the walls.

3. Modern Thin Wood Panels

For those of you who like a modern and simple look , arrange thin vertical wood panels to create a minimalist and simple impression. These wood panels provide a contrasting look while giving a warm touch to the center of the room. This wood finish will also bring a calm and warm atmosphere to the room. This background is perfect for use in bedrooms as headboards or living rooms. Wood panels are also easy to combine with the various colors of furniture that you have.

4. Background with a Natural Combination

Do you want to incorporate thick natural nuances into your home? Apart from applying a wood background wall, you can also add some plants or tree branches on the right and left sides. You can add green plants in pots or wall hangings in the form of paintings with pictures of green leaves to make the room look fresher and more natural. The wood used is not ordinary wood, but is made from logs that are still covered in natural skin. The atmosphere of the room feels more natural, cool, and comfortable.

5. Scandinavian Wall in White Wood

For a room with a Scandinavian style, give it a thick, rustic touch by presenting wooden boards with different white hues. Lightly brush the white color on the wood so it doesn't cover the uniqueness of all the existing wood fibers. These white patterns with wood strokes look artistic when used as your photo background . White is also a color that tends to give a broad impression because it is a bright color and can reflect light throughout the room.

6. Mosaic Background

Want to give a more interesting and different texture? Wood mosaic panels made from small pieces of wood can also give a unique impression to your wall background . This piece of wood is deliberately made to be non-uniform and looks rough so that it still accentuates the natural impression of the wood. The color of the wood used is not the same, some are dark in color, some are lighter in color. The difference in color and texture will produce a unique and beautiful mosaic appearance. Add spotlights to this background to make the room feel warmer.

Aside from being a photo spot in your home, a wooden background is also an effective way to bring a calm and warm atmosphere to your home. It will also be easier for you to produce contemporary photos that can be shared on social media.