7 Inspiration for Curtain Models for Minimalist Homes

 It feels incomplete if the windows in the house are not decorated with curtains or curtains. The function of the curtain is not only to close the window so that the inside of the house cannot be seen from the outside, but can also be a decorative element that matches the style of the interior of the house. For a minimalist home , for example, you also have to use a minimalist window curtain model. Materials and motifs must also be adjusted to the furniture and style of the room used. So, installing minimalist home curtains should not be done haphazardly. Let's take a look at some references to the minimalist Curtain model that can be used below.

1. Curtains with Horizontal Stripe Motifs

Have a tiny residence? Horizontal stripe motifs are always the right choice to create the impression of a wider room. However, in the selection there are several things that you should pay attention to. The color combination of the lines on the curtains is very important to adjust so that they can complement the appearance of the home interior and not become a point of interest in the room.

If you think the stripe motif is too crowded and makes the room feel full, try choosing a curtain model with a stripe motif that is only part of the curtain, be it at the bottom, top or center.

2. Lace Curtains

Like a slightly rustic and feminine look? You can choose a minimalist curtain model that is layered with lace. The motifs and materials of these curtains are soft, light and thin. To increase thickness, you can stack these curtains up to three layers or even more. Don't worry, the thin and light material won't make it look cramped. To add an accent, tuck in lace curtains with other colors so that the color variations look prettier.

3. Curtains with Unique Geometric Patterns

Want to add a separate accent to the room? Use curtains with geometric motifs to add a bit of a bustling impression. These curtains are very suitable if used in the family room . To add a minimalist impression to your home, you can choose geometric motif home curtains with a combination of white, gray or blue.

4. Curtains with Monochrome Colors

Minimalist design is always synonymous with the use of monochrome colors, such as black, white or gray. So, for your home curtains, you can also apply these colors. While black curtains are often avoided for fear that they will give a dark feel to a room, black curtains are perfect paired with white house paint for a monochrome accent. Choose plain black minimalist curtains without a pattern to accentuate the impression of elegance and still maintain a minimalist impression on the room.

If black seems too dark for you, another option is gray curtains. The gray color can give a modern and luxurious impression when used, you know. So, which one do you want to choose?

5. Ombre Colored Curtains

Don't like something monotonous? You can also use ombre colors to give a cheerful and different accent to your home. For a minimalist home, you should not choose ombre colors that are too flashy or too bright. We recommend choosing soft gradation colors such as white and light blue gradations, white and gray, white and mint , and so on.

6. Curtains with Wavy Patterns

It turns out that there are also types of curtains that have embossed textures and patterns. Its different texture and rarely found on curtains in general can be a separate decoration for your home. The wavy texture pattern of this curtain model will create an artistic contemporary impression . Its translucent nature will be very beautiful when exposed to sunlight because the shadows created are also able to provide aesthetic warmth when entering the room.

7. Thick Blackout Curtains

This minimalist curtain model uses thick cloth and is generally also dark in color. The curtain fabric is deliberately made longer than the size of the house window so that it can hang down to the floor and block sunlight more optimally. For a more luxurious and elegant look, you can use fabrics that are slightly shiny, such as satin or spandex.