7 Tips for Creating a Summer Interior Theme for Homes

 Living in a country with a tropical climate, we have to get used to hot weather every day. Therefore, the design concept of the house was made according to the summer interior concept which can make the house comfortable in hot weather.

Most people will usually prefer to use devices such as air conditioners or air conditioners that must be used at home to reduce heat. Even though with a few simple tips and tricks, you can also keep the atmosphere at home cool and fresh, you know. Come on, take a look at some of the ideas below.

1. Use Bright Paint Colors

To make your home look cooler and fresher, choosing bright and bright paint colors is claimed by designers to be the easiest and cheapest way. Bright colors will make the room seem more spacious and comfortable so that the room doesn't feel cramped and claustrophobic. Apart from choosing colors, you can also make the atmosphere bright and the atmosphere of the room fresher by using accents such as chair cushions or brightly colored sheets with cool materials.

2. Don't Forget the Curtains

Glass is a good heat conductor material. Because, almost 30% of the heat can come from the window. Therefore, to reduce the heat that spreads on your glass windows, leave the blinds and curtains closed during the day. By leaving it closed, the sun's heat can be reflected back outside so that it will keep the temperature in the room cool. So that sunlight can still enter the house, use curtains with sheer material that is not too thick.

3. Add Plants

The most effective way to make a room cooler and fresher is to add some plants into the room. You can put plants that are placed in small pots in several corners of the room. It's a great way to feel connected to the outdoors because you're bringing natural elements from the outdoors into your home. Adding plants, small or large, not only purifies the air in the room, but also gives it a more open feeling. For indoor plants, choose plant species that are easy to maintain.

4. Set Air Circulation

Create a good air circulation system in the house by maximizing openings. Not only as access to and from the building, the door can also function as a pathway for fresh air to enter the house. Open doors will create a flow of fresh air that can easily enter the house. In addition to the door of the house, it is also recommended to open windows regularly in the morning and evening. By diligently implementing this step, fresh air circulation in the house will enter more optimally.

5. Build a Pool

The element of water is believed to be able to reduce the heat around it and bring a cool and relaxed atmosphere. Well, there's nothing wrong with building a small pond at the front or back of the house if there's still room. You can also use a small pool or shower in your home to absorb heat.

6. Create a High Ceiling

A high ceiling will make the air temperature inside the house feel cooler, no matter how hot the sun is outside. Another advantage of making high ceilings is that the house will look wider even though it's actually not that wide.

7. Give it a Wood Element

Have you ever stayed in a house with wood elements in a mountainous or coastal area? Surely you feel cooler when you're in it, right? Wood elements can make a room feel cooler in hot weather, and make the house warmer in cold weather. Not only that, wood material is also known for its strength because it can last for years, you know. Wood is very appropriate for those of you who want to create a home that is thick with a natural atmosphere.