7 Tips for a Minimalist One Floor House Design

 Limited residential land is still a classic problem that limits the arrangement of houses. Actually, you can solve this problem precisely through a minimalist and functional home design. Even a one-story house design can make your home comfortable and attractive if the arrangement is done nicely.

So, don't worry if the area of ​​your house is not too big. You can still work around this by making the maximum possible minimalist home design. Come on, follow some of the following tips to create a one-story house that is comfortable, attractive, and doesn't seem cramped.

1. Presenting Mudroom at the Front of the Home Interior

If you don't want to present a large living room , you can work around this by presenting a mudroom . Mudroom is the front room in the interior of the house which is directly adjacent to the terrace. The existence of a mudroom can not only function as a motorbike garage or a place to store goods (helmets, jackets, umbrellas, etc.), but can also function as a simple living room. The design of a one-story house usually takes advantage of the mudroom by placing a bench sofa or several small chairs to receive guests.

2. Maximizing the Function of the Home Terrace

The design of a one-story house doesn't always have to have a mudroom . If the front of the house is the family room, then you can use the terrace as a living room. Start arranging the terrace with outdoor furniture that is durable and gives a comfortable impression. Don't forget to also equip the terrace of the house with a simple canopy design so that the terrace remains shaded during the day. A comfortable terrace will allow you to freely entertain guests even though the size of your house is relatively small.

3. Using a Simple Kitchen Set

One large kitchen set unit is prone to making the kitchen atmosphere cramped. In fact, not necessarily you really need the function of the kitchen set . Therefore, the design of a one-story house should prioritize the use of a kitchen set that is simple and not too large in size. Make sure that every part of the kitchen set you choose can function optimally, especially for storing kitchen furniture and food ingredients. A simple kitchen area that doesn't require a large room will make the house feel more spacious.

4. Installing Sliding Doors at Home

The limited size of the house can also be circumvented by installing sliding doors. If you use a sliding door, you don't need to leave an opening or closing area for the door. This makes it easier for you to organize things, including in the corners of the house and behind the door. Choose a sliding door whose material is strong so that it is not easily damaged when used for a long time.

5. Create a Bathroom Concept Without a Tub

Tubs are no longer an important element in modern bathroom designs. The presence of a water tub can be replaced with a shower so that the design of a one-story house is simpler and more attractive. Don't worry about water supply matters because you can still store water in large reservoirs. A large water reservoir that is placed outside the house at an elevated position will provide a large amount of water pressure so that the flow of water that enters the bathroom faucet is quite heavy.

6. Make the Most of the Backyard Area

The backyard of a ready-to-live house that is sold by a property developer is usually semi-open. So, you should do a simple renovation to maximize the function of the backyard. If the backyard is closed and tidy, you can use it as a warehouse, service area (a place for washing clothes and drying clothes), additional rooms, and other functions according to the needs of you and your family.

7. Reducing Various Displays and Large Cabinets

Tiny-sized houses are indeed more suitable to be designed in a minimalist way so they don't seem cramped. So, it would be better if you reduce the displays and large cupboards at home. Especially if you previously had a large display cabinet that you didn't really need. The design of a one-story house without excessive displays will feel more comfortable and allow you and your family to move freely.