8 Tips for Applying the Wabi Sabi Style in the Home

 Do you know what wabi sabi philosophy is ? In short, wabi sabi is a philosophy that sees beauty in the application of imperfection. Wabi sabi itself includes an ancient aesthetic philosophy from the land of Sakura, Japan. This philosophy believes that beauty actually comes from details that appear rough, untidy, or simple, unobtrusive, and neglected.

In the world of design, wabi sabi emphasizes a minimalist design, not adventurous, and combines natural elements with earthy , neutral colors and textured natural materials. Come on, get to know more about how to apply wabi sabi to the following dwellings.

1. Use Materials with Natural Elements

Wabi sabi is a design philosophy that incorporates natural elements into dwellings. You can use furniture made of wood which still looks a little rough and unfinished or without finishing . Also use other natural materials such as bamboo , brick, marble, and other elements that can give an authentic and rustic impression . To maximize wabi sabi, also add some green plants in the room.

2. Emphasize Simple Style and Don't Overdo It

The concept of wabi sabi at home can be said to be a minimalist design at its purest. If other minimalist designs usually still often incorporate other design principles such as modern, contemporary, or mid-century , then wabi sabi is not the case. Wabi sabi believes that aesthetics need not be achieved through elaborate and over-the-top displays. This can be seen from the use of neutral colors, furniture with an ultra-simple design, and not using too many stripes.

3. Clean Unused Items

Not only from furniture design, simplicity also means always reducing items such as furniture or furniture that are no longer used through the decluttering process . Throw away unused items or repair those that can still be used with a fresh new look. Never let any items accumulate in a warehouse or other place and clean them up immediately by donating them or throwing them in the trash.

4. Choose Colors Associated with Nature

Incorporate elements of coolness and serenity into your home by using colors inspired by nature such as gray, blue, green or other colors that resemble the sea and meadows. Not only as the main color on the walls of the house, you can also apply a touch of this natural color to doors, floors, curtains, cabinets, sofas, or furniture and other decorations.

5. Maximize Outside Air to Enter the House

Did you know, letting the touch of nature flow freely into the house can actually provide positive changes to the occupants, you know. Some of the benefits that you can get include making the mood more uplifting, making the room feel more spacious and open, nourishing the body both physically and mentally, and also improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

If your house can only receive a little light or air outside due to limited windows, then work around this by placing a mirror so you can catch the light and spread it into the house.

6. Add Fragrance

The element of fragrance is also quite important in wabi-sabi decorations, but this fragrance must be closely related to nature and be natural. So choose natural scents that will make you feel like you're in a forest, flower garden, or beach.

7. Highlight Elements of Imperfection

The main principle of wabi sabi is to try to see beauty in imperfection. If you refer to this principle, then you don't always have to create perfection in your home. There is no need to put a uniform color on the seat of the dining table chairs or sofa cushions. Roughen some corners of a wooden cupboard or table to reveal the natural texture of the wood . The natural beauty of this material will make the house warmer to live in.

8. Use Functional Furniture

Wabi sabi emphasizes functionality over looks. Choose objects that are simple but still functional. Think carefully before buying anything. Only have items that actually have a function so that the room feels wider and there are no disturbing items. The philosophy is that the less you need things at home, the happier you will be.