8 Tips for Designing a Type 36 House to Make It Look Broad

 Type 36 house is a house design that has an area or building of 36 m2. This type of house usually consists of 2 bedrooms, a family room which is integrated with the living room, kitchen and 1 bathroom. The number of type 36 houses has also increased over the last few years due to limited land.

Many people feel that a tiny house will limit the freedom of family activities. In fact, the right type 36 house design will produce a residence that is comfortable, functional, and still looks spacious. If you are looking for design references for arranging a dwelling in the style of a type 36 house, the following tips can be useful for you.

1. Determine the Number of Rooms Based on Needs

The first thing you should do when creating a type 36 small house design is to determine the number of rooms based on your needs. In general, a type 36 house consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and living room which also functions as a family room. However, you can renovate your home to better suit your family's needs. For example, you could reduce the area of ​​your patio to build an extra bedroom or a covered shed. Even though the renovation process costs quite a lot, the results are definitely worth the money you spend.

2. Increasing the height of the ceiling

The design of a type 36-sized house is always synonymous with a claustrophobic impression. You can display the impression of a spacious room by increasing the height of the ceiling in the room. Try to keep the height of the room at least three meters so that the atmosphere feels more spacious. However, you should not do this renovation in a room that is too narrow in size because it can create a disproportionate impression. A small house with an open plan concept is more suitable to be combined with high ceilings so that the impression remains spacious.

3. Rely on the Mezzanine Concept

The application of the mezzanine concept can also be the right design solution for a type 36 house. If you plan to have a mezzanine , then the ceiling height of the house is at least 5 meters. The right ceiling height will make the mezzanine floor comfortable for activities. Usually the mezzanine can function as a family room, bedroom or living room.

4. Reducing the Number of Room Dividers

An effective way that can be done to reduce the narrow impression of a model 36 house is to reduce the number of room dividers. The concept of an open room is now increasingly preferred because it seems more attractive and suitable to be applied to a small house. You can use shelves as non-permanent partitions that can be moved. To emphasize the boundaries between spaces, you can play with differences in room lighting or variations in floor tile motifs.

5. Maximize Natural Lighting

A small house will seem even more gloomy if the lighting system is inadequate. Not only is the artificial lighting system noteworthy, you also have to maximize natural lighting in the interior of the house. The natural lighting system at home will be maximized if the house is equipped with large windows, windows, glass blocks, or skylights. Natural lighting not only keeps the house healthy, but also supports efforts to maximize energy savings.

6. Choose Bright Interior and Exterior Colors

Dark colors are actually not suitable for small homes. That is why the type 36 house design should be complemented by bright interior and exterior colors. Bright colors will make your home seem spacious and clean. Apart from relying on white and its variations, a variety of pastel colors can also make a small house feel comfortable.

7. Avoid fences that are too high

It is undeniable that a house fence that is too high can make the house feel cramped, especially if your house is tiny. That is why the model 36 house is not suitable to be combined with a type of fence that is too high. It would be better if you choose a fence that is not too high with a minimalist model so that the exterior of your house looks proportional.

8. Make the Most of the Backyard as Possible

Type 36 houses that are sold directly by the developer usually have an open backyard. You can make the most of the backyard to enhance the function of the house. Instead, the backyard of a tiny house is turned into a service area (a place to place the washing machine and ironing area) or a storage room. The roof must be closed permanently so that rainwater and dust do not enter and pollute the back room.