15 Child Bedroom Design Ideas that Make You Happy

Most of the child's activities are spent in his room. Ideally, a child's bedroom design should be fun and make children feel comfortable . This is important because the room is not just a place to rest, but you also have to consider using it as a play and study area for your little one.

However, a child's bedroom is usually very easy to get messy again after being tidied up. So, you have to know the right way to design a child's bedroom that is comfortable, fun, and easy to rearrange. What are you curious about? Come on, see the following design inspiration.

1. Children's Room with Calm Colors

Subconsciously, children will indeed be more attracted to bright and contrasting colors such as yellow, red, blue, purple, and so on. However, this bright color can stimulate a child's sense of activity, so it is more suitable for use in a playroom. Conversely, pastel colors can help children feel more calm and relaxed, so they are suitable for children's bedtime colors. Pop or bright colors can be implemented on furniture , bedding or other decorations.

2. Children's Room with a Racing Car Theme

Set a child's room design with his favorite toys. Boys usually like toy cars. So if your little one has a hobby like this, you can try applying a racing car theme to his room. Currently, there are also many bunk beds in the form of toy cars that are sold in the market. This bed can also be selected in various sizes. Make the car-shaped bed the focal point for the room. It is guaranteed that children will be easier to sleep with because of the pleasant shape of the bed.

3. Children's Room with Plants

Aside from being a decoration and air conditioner, placing live plants in a child's room can also stimulate children's growth and development because children can learn about plant life. Children can also learn to take care of plants every day so they can appreciate living things more. Put several different types of plants so that children don't get bored. Placing plants can also give an attractive appearance to a child's room design. In order to grow a sense of ownership or belonging, invite children to plant their own plants. This idea is suitable to be applied to homes that don't have yards and are in urban areas.

4. Children's Room with Writing Wall

Try to design a child's room also equipped with various elements that can hone children's creativity. One way is to provide a wall where children can display their work or just doodle to learn to write and draw. Through this room design, you can also better monitor the growth and development of your little one. No more dirty walls because children already have their own creative media.

5. Children's Room with Clothes Storage

According to Mother & Baby, when children turn 2 years old, children will start to like doing things on their own and don't want to be helped. This is due to the motor and cognitive abilities that have begun to develop. Well, the ability to wear your own clothes can increase self-confidence, independence, and pride in children. This exercise will also get him used to doing activities for himself and not depending on others. For that, complete the child's room with a neat wardrobe or a special dressing room . Children are also more accustomed to choosing and wearing their own clothes.

6. Children's Room with Study Table

In addition to a place to play, the child's room must also be equipped with a study table. Children must have a special place for reading, drawing and learning. Because, studying in bed or on the floor will make children sleepy faster. Choose a study table that suits your child's wishes. By involving it, the child will also feel a strong connection with the design of his own room. In addition to the study table, also complete the room design with bookshelves .

7. Kids Room with Toy Storage

Get used to children to tidy up his things from an early age. Learning discipline can start from the simplest things, such as tidying up his own toys after playing or throwing trash in its place. So, complete the child's room with neat and structured toy storage. For example, shelves for reading books, toy cars, lego, and so on.

8. Children's Room with a Pirate Theme

This one children's room design inspiration might be more suitable to be applied to a boy's bedroom design. Many children's films tell stories about pirates. So, if your baby often imagines being a pirate, try designing a room with a pirate theme dominated by blue, red and black. Complete the room with a ship-shaped bed that will be the center of attention in the room. Want to add more realistic sea details? Add a fishing net as a bed decoration. Also add various marine animals such as sharks, octopuses, and several decorations that are synonymous with the sea.

9. Children's Room with Shared Bed

Have more than one child whose age is not too much different? You can design one room with several mattresses to save space usage in the house. But to make children feel more comfortable in the room, also add a play and study area so that the room can become one complete room. One way is to create a level or side-by-side bed design. Try to make every bed have the same design so that there is no jealousy between the children. Create a bright room atmosphere with bright colors and windows facing the sleeping area so that the room is not cramped.

10. Children's Room with a Circus Theme

Remember the recent hit movie that had a circus theme? Watching a circus show is one of the fun activities for children. Seeing attractions at the circus can also add to the experience and insight of children, you know. For children who like the circus, you can also apply a cheerful circus theme in their room. An important point to realize this circus theme is the use of a bed with curtains that resemble a circus tent complete with decorations. If the child has an adequate room area, also add some typical circus toys such as hula hoops or piggyback.

11. Children's Room with a Princess Theme

Who doesn't know Cinderella? This character who is synonymous with his glass slipper, is also famous for his horse-drawn carriage made of pumpkin. Every girl wants to feel like a princess like her favorite character. You can make your dream come true by presenting a fairytale-style room decor by choosing a carriage-shaped bed design in your room. To make the room atmosphere more perfect, also add a vintage -style wardrobe or dressing table with various pastel-colored equipment.

12. Children's Room with Natural Light

In every room, good lighting with lamps or sunlight is very important, including for the design of a child's bedroom. For your little one's bedroom, you should choose the type of lamp that can illuminate all corners of the room. In addition to the main light, also present a night light with a dimmer color to accompany him to sleep. This night light is important for children's eyes and nerves so they can get quality rest during sleep. You can choose a night lamp with a unique concept or cute shape, such as clouds, stars, hearts and so on.

Apart from sleeping lights, direct sunlight can also help kill germs and bacteria in the room. It is recommended not to place the mattress too close to the window because that area has a hotter temperature than other parts.

13. Kids Room with LEGO Theme

The design of this child's room is simpler, but still has an educative element. LEGO is a toy that can be said to be timeless and liked by all ages. Did you know that playing LEGO can also stimulate a child's brain development? So, for that, enter LEGO into the decoration of the child's room. Stick some giant LEGO pieces as wall decorations. Also add a shelf to display the children's LEGO builds.

14. Children's Room with Outer Space Theme

Outer space is still quite a mysterious and interesting thing to know. Take your child on an adventure to the galaxy in outer space with this one bedroom design. Decorate the sky and bedroom walls with various pictures of the planets and the arrangement of the solar system. Besides being beautiful, this decoration can also be a learning tool for children to know more about outer space.

15. Children's Room with a Zoo Theme

Almost every child likes to be invited to the zoo and see cute animals that he rarely sees everyday. Come on, bring this fun atmosphere into the theme of the room. You can add some dolls or even curtains with animal pictures to make the room look like a zoo.


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