15 Minimalist Wall Shelf Designs for Modern Homes

Your house is often messy because you don't have the right storage space? Often we do buy things without thinking about where to store them. Often items that have been used are not put in their original place. This makes the house messy and disorganized. Even looking at it can stress you out. This is the time for you to start looking for minimalist wall shelf design ideas to solve this storage problem.

Items that are not neatly arranged will only reduce the elegant essence of the house. Well, installing wall shelves is the most ideal way to keep things tidy even if the house doesn't have extra space for storage. Come on, have a look at the various types of minimalist wall shelf designs that you can apply at home.

1. Shelves Without Doors

Shelf on the wall without a door or better known as an open shelf , is the most widely used type of minimalist shelf. Its simple and open design will dispel the feeling of being cramped in your room, even if this shelf is filled with several items. The items that are arranged on this shelf can even add its own color to the room so that it looks more alive, you know. You will also find it easier to clean dust on this type of open shelf . The smooth air circulation also means you don't have to worry about mold. Besides being attractive, this shelf is also very practical to use.

2. Open Shelf Bookshelf

If the shelf was just one long bar, it's different from this one open shelf bookshelf . For those of you book lovers who have a large collection of books, this one shelf is suitable for placing them. This shelf can also minimize the use of space in your home compared to other bookcases.

3. Hexagon Rack

Want to bring out a unique and artsy feel to the room? You can choose a hexagon-shaped shelf design like this. The hexagon or honeycomb shape which is rarely found in home interiors makes it suitable for those of you who like to be different and want to give a vocal point to the room. Apart from being a place to store goods, this model shelf can also be used as a gallery around the corner of the room.

If arranged properly and proportionately, this shelf can become a work of art in itself because of its unique shape. Conversely, if the placement is wrong, this shape of the shelf will make the room appear fuller than it actually is.

4. Wooden or Iron Rack

Don't just play it safe, you can also make the room look neater and more attractive by choosing textured shelves such as wood or iron. Install shelves with a different texture from the texture of the residential walls. If your residential wall material is wood, then you can install iron shelves to give it a different industrial touch. If the texture of the walls of the house is smoother, you can try choosing a shelf material that is a bit bold , such as wood where the fibers are still visible. These tips can give a contrasting and unique impression to the room.

5. Hanging Version Shelf

Apart from being attached with nails, you can also try to create a shelf by hanging it. To get a unique look from this hanging shelf, you only need one board and two ropes of the same color to support the shelf. Then, use nails to attach the support straps. Get a rustic and unique atmosphere with this one shelf creation.

6. Rack Built-in

Built-in shelving or wall shelves that protrude inward are a smart choice that you can try for a corner of a room with a limited area. This model shelf will really help those of you who have problems with narrow room corners. Built-in type shelves will make the room look tidier because they can be built according to the needs of the room. If you have a lot of stuff, then you can build a rather large shelf, and vice versa.

7. Proportional Shelves

Not only choosing the right shelf design, you also have to pay attention to how the items are arranged on the shelves so that the room looks neat. Vary the height of the items on the shelves to balance the proportions. For example, place taller items on the bottom and place taller items on top. Arrange items in groups with one variation for each group. If possible, also empty some parts of the shelves so that the arrangement looks more spacious and less monotonous.

8. Shelves with Knop Hooks

This shelf is perfect for those of you who are looking for a minimalist multifunctional wall shelf design. At the top of the shelf, you can use it as a place to display accessories such as plants or photos. Meanwhile, at the bottom you can use it as a place to store keys, umbrellas, bags, clothes, or other items. Very useful right?

9. Rack Pegboard

What are pegboard racks ? Maybe this wall shelf is still not familiar to you. In fact, this shelf is very functional and flexible because it can be adjusted to your storage space needs. A pegboard rack is a shelf whose main foundation is a pegboard or peg board which is also equipped with lots of holes. The holes on this wall shelf are small and arranged in a grid shape .

By using pegboard shelves , you can arrange the placement of the shelves according to your taste. Not only that, you can also get additional areas to place ornamental plants, mirrors, photo frames, and so on. This shelf does not only function as a storage area, but can also be a contemporary decoration for your home.

10. Clothes Wall Rack

For those of you who want to organize your clothes by hanging and showing them outside the wardrobe but not looking messy, this minimalist wall shelf design for clothes is the most appropriate answer. An open storage solution like this is the ideal solution to make it easier for you to fulfill your clothing storage needs in a modern way. With this rack, you still have storage space at the bottom or top of the clothes rack to place your shoes and bag collection.

11. Old Chest Shelf for a Rustic Look

Eits , don't immediately throw away old crates that are not used. This one wall shelf design idea can be a smart solution for recycling these wooden crates. It is enough to choose which wooden crates are still good and proper, then you can start cleaning them and give a touch of color or wood finish to the crates of your choice. The chest will also look new again and also be more colorful for your home. After that, determine the location of the crates on the wall of the house according to taste.

Even old chests of drawers can look beautiful and give a different look to a home decor. That way, you have succeeded in turning used items at home into something more useful.

12 . Tetris Shaped Anti Mainstream Shelf

Who doesn't know the Tetris game? You can also include this very popular game in your minimalist wall shelf decoration. The unique wall shelf shapes on this one are exactly like the room shapes found in the Tetris game. With a colorful touch, these shelves are arranged like Tetris blocks that keep dropping constantly and require your attention to complete the game. It is guaranteed that the room will be more cheerful and colorful with the addition of this Tetris shelf design.

13. Rack Metal

Wooden wall shelves are common? Try using a minimalist wall shelf with a strong mix of metal and wood. The combination of these two materials can make the shelf look sturdy, you know. Apart from storing goods or display, you can also use this shelf just to decorate the walls of the house with a cool industrial look.

14. Rack Aluminium

The material which is made of aluminum makes this wall shelf design look sturdier when compared to shelves that use wood or glass. But if you don't like the cold impression that is displayed, you can also combine this aluminum shelf with wood or glass as a support.

15. Melamine Shelf for Bathroom

What material is the wall shelf that is most suitable for the bathroom? So, if you are confused about choosing wall shelves in the bathroom, you can choose melamine shelves. Wall shelves made of melamine material which is a mixture of metal and melamine will make it easier for you to clean this shelf.