4 Unique and Comfortable Studio Apartment Design Inspirations

Studio apartment designs usually consist of one bedroom and one bathroom , and have an area of ​​approximately twenty square meters to thirty square meters. The more the need for a place to live, the mini-sized apartment is also increasingly in demand. When talking about prices, studio type apartments have a more affordable price, when compared to other units such as convertibles or 2-bedrooms .

So, designing the interior of this studio type apartment can indeed be considered easy, but it can't be random. This is because like it or not you have to be able to conjure it into a multifunctional room. Not only that, when you design a studio apartment, the most important thing is how to make the room comfortable. So, to make a studio apartment design that is unique, multifunctional and still fun, see the reviews below!

Scandinavian Style Studio Apartment

One trick that is very appropriate to change the appearance of a residence, whatever its shape, so that it becomes spacious, beautiful, functional, and has extra comfort is Scandinavian interior. You can choose a design style like this to produce an apartment atmosphere that is both comfortable and relaxed, and looks luxurious. Give a touch of bright color to the walls, also add wooden furniture to add an elegant minimalist impression.

Minimalist Style Studio Apartment

It's certain that if you apply a minimalist design style to a studio apartment, it will give a relaxing, comfortable impression. In addition, you will also only pay a more affordable cost. The minimalist studio apartment design is suitable with simple furniture, but can provide flexible and charming visuals. What's more, the minimalist interior style is still suitable for application in any type of apartment, not only in studio models.

Studio Apartment with Partition

Without realizing it, room zones are often a problem in studio type apartments. To work around this, you can use partitions to create several parts of the room in the apartment. For the partition elements, you can use materials from glass, gypsum, and other types. This partition can also be created permanently or not.

If you don't want to use glass as a partition, another option is curtains. Curtains can be used as partitions that are not permanent so that they will be more flexible. You can also open and close the curtain according to your needs. With curtain partitions, you can also get many functions. One example is to block the aroma or heat that comes from cooking activities in the kitchen. In addition, the partition with this curtain also functions as a barrier to the sun's rays entering the room.

Studio Apartment with Utilization of Furniture

The key to designing a studio apartment is your foresight in seeing the potential in certain areas that can indeed be used as a room. You might create a workspace that can be used from an area or room that was previously unused. You can try with certain furniture choices if you want to get a multifunctional room. An example is the use of a bed equipped with drawers that can be used as a place to store goods in a studio apartment. Apart from that, you can also store your clothes or your collection of books and magazines in the drawer.