5 Best Minimalist Bathroom Paint Colors for 2023

Determining colors and choosing paint when designing a house is one of the most important aspects. Color selection must be done very carefully and very thoroughly. In choosing the color itself, it must be related to its function and also the aesthetics in the space. Well, the selection of wall paint color is also one of the most important elements and also a factor that cannot be separated in all parts of the interior design of a room, including in the bathroom .

5 Best Minimalist Bathroom Paint Colors for 2023

So that the bathroom in your home can create visualizations that are pleasing to the eye, determining the color type is the easiest and also affordable way. A touch of paint color in the bathroom will create different impressions, depending on choices or preferences. These are the best paint colors that you can apply to today's minimalist and modern bathrooms.

White color

This color is one of the most appropriate colors for those of you who like simple but chic designs like Scandinavian style . White paint color like this is highly recommended for bathrooms as the main color of choice. Applying white to your bathroom can create a clean, spacious, and naturally radiant impression. However, so that it is not monotonous, add accessories to complete the decoration such as flower vases, mirrors or storage boxes. You can also add a place to hang towels made of wood which creates a natural and organic impression .

Dark Ash Color

Industrial residential style lovers can choose dark gray for minimalist bathroom paint. Colors like this will give a modern impression and also look luxurious. In addition, this color is also suitable for today's homes in urban areas. So that the color of the bathroom is not dark, add a white lamp that is large enough so that the atmosphere in the bathroom is not dim.

Lavender color

Apart from its fragrance, lavender is also a favorite because of its color which is loved by many people. This one color will create a feminine impression in the bathroom. Avoid choosing pastel colors as additional accents if you choose lavender for the bathroom, because it will eliminate the impression of elegant luxury that emanates from that color.

Light Sage color

If you've never heard of this color before, light sage is a faded color. This color is very suitable to be applied to your bathroom walls so that it creates a comfortable and calm atmosphere. This light sage color is perfect when combined with gray or white. To complete it, add decorations such as wood elements that give a natural and organic impression. Decorations like this will also give a calm and warm impression so that it makes you comfortable when you are in the bathroom.


Beige or sandy brown colors are also very suitable to be used as bathroom wall paint. If you have a bathroom with a minimalist design, applying this color will make your bathroom feel warm and calm too . This color is perfect for those of you who like to soak in the bathtub to add a comfortable sensation when relaxing after a busy day. Add decorations such as brown baskets for storage such as towels and so on. To add an even more comfortable impression, you can also install aromatherapy with peppermint fragrance which makes the bathroom feel even more comfortable.

The choice of the perfect paint color for the bathroom is often considered trivial because it is not as significant as other rooms in the house. However, a comfortable and inspiring bathroom will certainly add a beautiful essence to your home. So of all the colors above, which one best suits your dream bathroom type?