5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas for a Wider Impression

You definitely feel that having a small kitchen will make your space for movement more limited and less, especially when cooking . But if you have the right design and tricks, a small kitchen will feel more comfortable like a large and spacious kitchen.

The kitchen is indeed one of the most essential places in a dwelling. This room is a place where you have to be creative in making delicious dishes for the family. However, what are the right tips and tricks to make a small kitchen more comfortable? Check out the following reviews for kitchen design ideas that are suitable for minimalist interiors.
5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas for a Wider Impression

5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas for a Wider Impression

Kitchenette with U Shape

Previously, you would often see a U-shaped cabinet, this cabinet can be a trick for small kitchen designs. You can move freely with this cabinet shape in the center while cooking and preparing delicious dishes for the family. Besides that, you also don't have to go any further to transfer cooked food from one pan to another or to a plate. This U-shaped cabinet will be very efficient for your activities in the kitchen because you only have to rotate your body like to the right and left.

Kitchen with Window

The window functions as a pathway for air circulation and natural light. The presence of a window in a small kitchen design makes the kitchen wider and bigger. This is caused by sunlight entering all parts of the kitchen and the view will also feel wider to the outside. In addition, you also won't be bored when you're cooking, you can see the scenery outside and see the plants in the yard. You can also save on electricity costs during the day if the kitchen window is large, you know.

Minimalist Design

The minimalist design is indeed very suitable for small or not large houses. A design like this is not only suitable for homes but for other parts as well, namely the kitchen. What you should know for this is the main key, namely cabinet models and furniture with a simple and sufficient design. Avoiding large furniture with complex designs will certainly make your kitchen more spacious.

Hidden Little Kitchen

You also often see a kitchen that is attached to the dining room, this is because the size of the room is not large. But if you don't feel comfortable with the kitchen and dining room being one, you can try to create a hidden small kitchen design by installing partitions or curtains with colors and patterns that match the color of your kitchen. So if you want to cook, just open the partition, but if you want to eat in a comfortable atmosphere, just close the partition and curtain.

Hidden Furniture in the Kitchen

To design this tiny kitchen you have to know which furniture is mandatory in this kitchen and which ones should be removed. This needs to be done so that the kitchen does not become cramped and looks even smaller. If there is a lot of furniture or furniture that is impossible to get rid of, you should choose to use furniture that can be hidden when you don't need it. For example, a table that is stored or integrated with the cabinet, so it can be pulled out of the cabinet when needed.

If you do have a small kitchen, there's nothing wrong with trying to make the kitchen look wider with the tips and tricks above. Interesting to try is not it? Congratulations on decorating your kitchen to make it more comfortable and also flexible.