6 Characteristics of Natural Modern Rustic Home Designs in 2023

Rustic design style is synonymous with a natural impression on modern homes because it has textures and colors inspired by nature. In addition, the appearance is often simple and dominated by earth colors. Usually rustic also comes with original furniture choices without finishing so that the original texture of the material used is still visible. In essence, rustic style tends to use natural materials obtained from nature such as wood, stone and so on.

6 Characteristics of Natural Modern Rustic Home Designs in 2023

However, nowadays there are also many rustic styles that are combined with other styles such as modern. Many people like modern rustic home designs because they are considered contemporary but are still thick with natural elements. Want to apply it at home? Check out some of the characters and their inspiration below.

1. Stay Modern with Ethnic Furniture

Who would have thought that it turns out that the rustic design style is also very suitable to be combined with modern housing? Rustic has a number of ethnic elements that can be used as accents in modern interiors. For example, you can add a few touches of ethnic furniture that are generally not polished to a modern style house that is thick with a clean impression.

2. There is a Wood Panel

It doesn't have to be used in all elements of the house, you can insert some natural rustic accents in just a few parts of the house. For example, add wood panels with a natural texture in the bedroom or living room . You can also use this wood panel as a substitute for the headboard in the bed area, you know. Wood panels that are placed in the main areas of the house can also be interesting accents that make anyone turn their heads. Combine this wood panel with a bed or sofa color that is bright and natural, such as white or gray.

3. Using Earth Color

As previously mentioned, rustic style is usually dominated by earth tones or other natural colors that are close to natural elements, such as brown or gray. You can apply this concept to choosing the color of furniture in a modern home. The choice of colors that come from nature, for example rocks, logs, or mud. Choose natural colors for the main furniture of the house such as sofas , tables, wardrobes or beds. You can also use colors with brighter patterns but can still give a warm impression as room accents such as yellow, red or orange.

4. Marble countertop in a wooden kitchen set

Marble is always the first choice when you want to give your home a luxurious look. Its unique strokes and elegant appearance make marble suitable for use anywhere. In addition, marble is also known for its very strong durability, you know. So, in your kitchen you can also combine marble and a wooden kitchen set that is thick with a rustic design to get a more modern look. Even though this wooden kitchen set seems old and messy, a marble countertop can give a modern, elegant feel to the kitchen.

5. Combined Stone and Stainless Steel

It turns out that a combination of natural stone and stainless steel can look beautiful. The contrast of natural stone and French-inspired stainless steel appliances looks beautiful for a rustic home. The combination of these two elements can also be a perfect example of a modern rustic home style.

6. Close to Nature

Rustic style is very close to nature, for that even in a modern style house you need to find the right way to connect the area in the house closer to nature. You can install large glass windows, glass walls or doors, and add skylights so that the view outside the house can be seen clearly from inside the house. If the view outside the house doesn't support or doesn't allow for large openings, you can bring natural elements into the house. You do this by placing green plants in wooden pots or a series of twigs arranged in the corner of the house.

The combination of modern rustic home designs can actually make the appearance of the house look unique as well as have character, right? You can also highlight your identity as a home owner by being creative with a modern rustic design. Interested in applying it to occupancy?