7 Characteristics of a House with a Green Building Concept

Are you familiar with the concept of green building ? The concept of modern homes is now increasingly paying attention to environmental conditions. The house must not only be beautiful and magnificent, but also must be comfortable and have a natural feel. That is why many people look at the concept of green building to enhance private residences. If you want to adopt the concept, you must first recognize its characteristics, as discussed below.

7 Characteristics of a House with a Green Building Concept

Environmentally Friendly Home Materials

One of the main characteristics of a green building concept house is an environmentally friendly housing material . The use of wood and bamboo is usually the most popular because it is durable and looks attractive. In addition, the use of chemicals in building materials is also very minimal. Utilizing environmentally friendly materials will minimize harmful residues.

Often Using Brick Walls

Brick walls are still the best choice for homes in Indonesia. Especially if you want to realize the concept of green building . Bricks are not only cheap, but also effective in minimizing heat and do not easily absorb water. In addition, bricks also have good durability. So that the building of the house will be strong for many years.

Small Number of Permanent Blocks

Permanent partitions are usually made of walls to separate the various rooms in the house. However, houses that carry the concept of green building usually have few permanent partitions. Because permanent insulation will block the air flow in the house. Instead, you can take advantage of artificial partitions that can be moved or display cabinets for boundaries between rooms. As a result, the house will feel cooler and more airy without permanent insulation .

Adequate Natural Lighting System

A house that is in harmony with the environment cannot be separated from a natural lighting system. Various natural lighting systems in the form of windows, losters, and skylights should be your mainstay. So that the house gets adequate natural light from morning to evening. The atmosphere of your home will be healthier and always bright with the support of natural light.

Using Energy Efficient Electronic Devices

The concept of green building houses is also synonymous with the use of energy-efficient electronic devices. Various types of the latest electronic devices are now equipped with energy-saving systems. Likewise with energy-saving lamps which have a large light intensity but only require a small amount of electricity so that electricity usage is more efficient. You don't need to spend a lot of money to pay electricity bills every month.

Leaving Land for Plants

Don't forget that the existence of plants is important to create a beautiful and cool home. So, you have to leave a little land to breed various types of plants. You can also plant various types of fruit and vegetable plants whose results can be consumed. If your house land is not adequate, you can still work around this by making a vertical garden ( vertical garden ). Because you don't have to have extra large land to create a beautiful exterior of the house.

Installing Solar Panels ( Solar Panels )

The use of solar panels is now increasingly popular in Indonesia. Because the energy produced by solar panels in tropical climates is very large. At first, you do have to prepare large funds for solar panels. However, the benefits are definitely worth the price you have to pay. Because these solar panels will produce large amounts of electricity, especially during the summer.