7 Mosque Designs for Minimalist & Modern Homes

For those of you who are Muslim, it's certainly not complete if you don't have a prayer room in your house. An ideal house, of course, must be able to meet the needs of its inhabitants, including in terms of worship. Even though prayers can be carried out in other rooms such as a room or living room , by making a minimalist prayer room design it can be a way to make worship more solemn.

7 Mosque Designs for Minimalist & Modern Homes

You don't need a large room, you can still get a comfortable prayer room with a minimalist prayer room design. You can also adjust the interior design with the overall design of the house. Come on, take a look at some comfortable prayer room design inspirations that you can emulate.

1. All-White Mosque

In making a prayer room, consider choosing materials that can create a cool and cold atmosphere so that the prayer room can be used comfortably. It is highly recommended that you avoid prayer paint colors that are too bright or bright like red and orange. These colors will make the room feel darker and stuffier and hotter. Instead, choose a calm and natural wall color such as white, cream, gray, or other pastel colors.

2. Use Natural Materials

Room decorations that are equipped with natural materials such as wood and rocks will make the prayer room in the house more comfortable for you to use for worship. This natural material can also emphasize an interesting modern concept in the prayer room. Usually, wood-based room decorations used in prayer rooms are in the form of room dividers, cabinets, wooden floors, or other decorations.

3. Add Islamic Wall Decor

The religious impression displayed by the Islamic decorations on the walls can inspire you and your family to worship, you know. Try adding some calligraphy that reads Allah SWT or Muhammad SAW, verses from the Koran, as well as photos of places of worship on the walls of the prayer room. But so that the prayer room doesn't look cramped, make sure you don't hang all the pictures at once. Just select one large image or two small images. That way, the room will look wider and much more pleasing to the eye.

4. Complete with Ablution Place

A prayer room like this prayer room will certainly not be complete if it does not have a place for ablution. To make it easier for you, family members or even guests who visit to pray, also place ablution facilities in the prayer room. It doesn't have to be a lot, just one tap of water is enough to be used as a place for ablution. However, you must pay attention to its placement so that there are no splashes of ablution water that wet the prayer area. You can use a divider or room divider to avoid this splash.

5. Open prayer room

The prayer room does not have to always be in the house with a design that tends to be closed. You can also place this room at the back of the house near the yard. Natural air circulation is very important so that the room feels fresh and not damp because of the air conditioner. A cool room will also make you more solemn and focused during worship. In addition, sunlight can also save electricity during the day and add comfort to the prayer room.

Don't forget to add carpets and prayer mats on the floor of the prayer room. Then, also store prayer equipment in a cupboard or cabinet so it doesn't get dirty easily when not in use. If possible, avoid placing windows towards the qibla as the light of the rising sun will be dazzling at dawn.

6. Mosque Near the Park

Have a mini garden? Well, you can build a prayer room in a room directly adjacent to the garden. This green nuance from the outside will make the prayer room cooler and pleasing to the eye. You and your family will feel more comfortable while praying. In order not to be too open, you can make it with a semi-outdoor concept . The trick is to limit prayer rooms and parks with glass doors or screens that have gaps.

7. Small prayer room under the stairs

Take advantage of every valuable empty land in your home properly and creatively. One of them is utilizing the area under the stairs which is usually left empty to become a minimalist prayer room. Magic the area into a cool and comfortable mosque. No more unused empty space.