7 Types of Sofa Choices for the Living Room

The living room certainly does not feel complete without a sofa. Because a quality sofa will make guests feel comfortable when visiting your home . Where there are many types of sofas that are sold in the market, you should choose the type of sofa carefully according to the needs of your home.

Each type of sofa is priced at various prices, ranging from three million to tens of millions of rupiah. Of course you don't have to choose the most expensive. Come on, look at the reviews about the following types of sofas, so you can make the right choice.

7 Types of Sofa Choices for the Living Room

Minimalist Couch

This variant of the sofa is liked by many people because of its simple model. Usually a minimalist sofa is also small so it is suitable for homes that are not too wide. There is a minimalist sofa made of a combination of leather and stainless steel . However, there are also those who use cloth and wood. The colors that are synonymous with minimalist sofas are white, black, gray and brown.

Traditional Couch

If you like everything that has an ethnic feel, this type of traditional sofa is definitely for you. Usually this sofa is made of rattan, teak, or other types of quality wood. The original color of rattan or wood is deliberately left alone to strengthen the natural impression. Traditional sofas made of wood are usually enhanced with detailed and very beautiful carvings. One area in Indonesia that is popular as a manufacturer of traditional sofas is Jepara.

Sectional Couch

This term is not yet popular among Indonesian people. In simple terms, a sectional sofa can be interpreted as a sofa consisting of several parts. There are two or more sofas pushed together to create a large sitting area. Sectional sofas are perfect for homes with very large living room capacities. Apart from being used as a seat for guests, this sofa can also be comfortable for relaxing activities or reading books.

Modification of the modern sectional sofa model also allows you to load lots of items in it. There is a special section prepared to put drinkers, magazines and newspapers, as well as the TV remote . This storage area can save you a budget because you no longer need to buy a special wardrobe for the living room.

L couch

The size of the living room that is not too large can be circumvented by using an L sofa. The L sofa is indeed quite minimalist in size. Usually one side of the sofa is equipped with a backrest while the other side is without a backrest. Not only suitable for small-sized houses, the L sofa is also right for those of you who rarely have guests. So you don't need to prepare a large living room area and an expensive budget to buy a sofa.

Sleeper Couch

There is good news for those of you who often relax or fall asleep on the couch. You can choose a sleeper sofa as a solution. Because this type of sofa can be used as a bed. The bottom can be stretched so that it can be used to straighten the legs. Sleeper sofa is also suitable to be placed in a private home theater room in your home.


Have you ever heard of recliners ? One of the characteristics of the recliner compared to other sofas is the flexible legrests and armrests. The backrest can be adjusted according to your comfort. Recliners are usually priced at high prices and the material is of very high quality. The use of quality materials is important to minimize the risk of damage if the setting of the back of the sofa is often changed. Almost the same as a sleeper sofa, a recliner is also very suitable to be placed in a home theater room.

Couch Puffs

The sofa for the living room doesn't always have to have a backrest. To strengthen the minimalist impression, you can also choose a rectangular puff sofa. The position of this sofa must be placed against the wall. So that you and your guests can still sit leaning against the wall while chatting. The color variations and motifs of puff sofas are now increasingly diverse and can be adjusted to your taste and interior style of your home.

So, which of the seven sofa variations best suits your home needs? If your old sofa is worn out, let's look for various types of new sofas that are of higher quality and special. So that the atmosphere of your living room is comfortable again for family and guests who stop by the house.