7 Unique Super Creative Home Designs in 2023

Do you have the shape of the dream house you've always wanted? There must be. There are people who are happy with minimalist , classic, or modern homes. At this time, you can also easily get residential design inspiration that you can choose according to your taste and character. In fact, there are also those who build houses with unique and unusual shapes so that they are different from other forms of houses in the neighborhood where they live. If you are someone who likes something unique and unusual, you can see the inspiration for some of the unique houses in the world below.

7 Unique Super Creative Home Designs in 2023

1. Toilet House

Who wants to make a house shaped like a toilet? Eits, make no mistake. In the city of Suwon, South Korea, there is a unique house that is shaped like a toilet seat. This 419 square meter house consists of 2 floors and has 2 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and several other rooms. The person behind the idea for this house is the former mayor of Suwon, named Sim Jae-duck. After he died, this house has now been converted into a museum. Want to visit?

2. Shoe House

Can you imagine how the division of space in this shoe-shaped house? This shoe house is located in the United States, in Hallem, Pennsylvania to be precise. This one house was founded by Colonel Mahlon Nathaniel Haines in 1948 who was inspired by his old boots. The shoe house has an area of 7.6 meters and a length of 14.6 meters. Since its inception, this unique house has been used as a guest house with three bedrooms equipped with quality mattresses, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room.

Another uniqueness of this house is its accompanying furniture with a similar theme. There is a dog kennel and a shoe-shaped post box. There are also window designs that are given shoe ornaments and even the fence is also in the shape of a shoe. Wow, this seems suitable for you to visit for shoe lovers.

3. One-Sqm-House

Have a house with a limited area? Don't be inferior. There is still the smallest house in the world, which only has an area of ​​1 square meter! This small house by architect Van Bo Le-Mentzal is light enough to carry around and only provides space to sit. To lie down, residents only need to tilt their house. This house has only one door, window and chair. It weighs only about 45 kg. In accordance with its size, this house is also called One-Sqm-House.

4. Piano and Violin House

Like music? Maybe this unique house can be your inspiration. This giant piano and violin-shaped house is located in the city of Huainan, China. The giant glass fiddle at the front of the house is used as the entrance. In addition, the house is supported by 3 feet of concrete and has a roof terrace. The walls made of glass also add to the unique and beautiful impression of this house. The surrounding trees reflected in the glass of the house give a natural impression. The piano and violin housing was designed by architecture students at Hefei University of Technology in 2007.

5. UFO House

Are you a fan of things that smell outer space? This UFO-like house design might catch your attention. This house was built by Curtis King in 1973 and spent a budget of up to 250 thousand dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 3.3 billion. Apparently, this house was presented by Curtis King for his son, you know. The UFO house has 6 pillars at the bottom. In addition to air ventilation, this house has built small windows on each side. Do you think there are aliens peeking from the window or not ?

6. Transparent House

If usually a house is built to protect the privacy of its inhabitants, then this one is different. A house in Tokyo, Japan covering an area of about 85 square meters is see-through. This house is indeed designed so that sunlight can easily enter and air circulation can be maintained properly. Its transparent design allows you to clearly see the decorations placed inside the house from the outside. The house, which was initiated by a Japanese architect named Sou Fujimoto, has a very strong metal frame. In some parts that require privacy, this house is fitted with curtains or curtains.

7. Airplane House

The house, which uses an unused airplane frame, is owned by Joanne Ussery. Joanne made this unique plane-shaped house after her house was destroyed by an ice storm. The aircraft used was a 1965 Boeing 727.

The unique house design above does look strange, but it's also beautiful in its own perspective. Even though the architecture can be said to be different from the others, these houses show the value of creativity that you can make inspiration for housing. So, if you yourself are interested in which number?