9 Characteristics of a Modern Minimalist House

From the past until now, the principle of open and clean space is to make the architecture and furniture in the space easy to arrange. If you love beauty, serenity and warmth, minimalist space is the perfect place for you. So, what are the characteristics and advantages as a home style?

Simplicity in Form and Function

Most homes with a minimalist design have a simple and efficient house plan. This concerns accuracy in spatial planning, where space is predictable and straightforward. Walls with minimal interiors, open floor plans, simple but elegant storage areas, as well as an emphasis on views with sunlight are the hallmarks of minimalist house plans.

This minimalist home ventilation is usually very simple. Overall, the simple house design does not have complex building shapes. A simple roof is also a characteristic of a minimalist home.

Open Space with Light

A minimalist home design with an open plan between the living room and kitchen can be a very good idea. This type of design allows abundant light to fill the room. Light - coloured walls, clean details in a modern design, uncluttered rooms and a neutral color palette coupled with a few splashes of color give it a comfortable and fresh appeal.

A spacious bedroom filled with a large line of sight of light is a hallmark of minimalist design. The abundance of natural light makes the room feel more comfortable.

Simple Details without Overly Decoration

Most minimalist homes install interiors with a choice of clean and plain shapes. Clean and clear window details are well designed, and unnecessary parts are best removed. A flat window frame with cladding joints gives the window a clean look, you can also add a few pictures to make it less plain.

House details with a simple minimalist design are also very cost-effective. You can use a cheap and easy way to trim doors and windows with flat stock trim,  to maintain a minimalist look.

Shape of a Cube or Box Building

The main characteristics of modern minimalist architecture are the square floor plans, cube building shapes and a series of windows that stretch out with a checkered horizon. When viewed from the area, modern minimalist homes have geometric shapes such as rectangles or cubes. The roof is not triangular like most houses, but flat. This design makes the overall shape of the building from modern minimalist architecture look simple, but still elegant and modern. The facade of the house is also built without decoration, in contrast to other house architecture.

Minimal Room Dividers

Almost every room in modern minimalist architecture is usually not equipped with a dividing wall. For example, between the kitchen and dining room, or between the dining room and family room . Room dividers or dividers are usually only used for private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition, other spaces are usually only separated by using partitions such as shelves or tables. The lack of insulation makes the inside of the house look wider, more comfortable, and also brighter.

Simple Materials for Maximum Results

In a modern minimalist home, design is used to convey a message of simplicity. Basic geometric shapes, lack of decoration, use of simple materials and repetition of structures are hallmarks of modern minimalism. One of the mottos of a minimalist architect is " listen to figure ". That is, these designs seek the essence of simplicity by reinventing valuable qualities in simple, common materials.

Just look, modern minimalist homes always use building materials that are simple and easy to find. Most homes use fabricated building materials such as glass, concrete, and steel. Uncomplicated building materials actually provide a special attraction while highlighting the original properties of these building materials.

Focus on Function

As previously mentioned, a modern minimalist house has a simple yet efficient house plan or layout. The furniture used is also very simple and according to its function. For example, for the family room there is only a sofa , coffee table, and maybe a display shelf to complete it. The room is decorated in a simple and uncomplicated way with lots of decorations, because modern minimalist architecture always prioritizes function.

The lack of furniture used makes the room look bigger, even though the actual area itself is quite narrow. This makes most people who live in urban areas with narrow land prefer this one design style.

Dominated by White, Black, and Gray

Monochrome colors namely white, black and gray are the three colors that most often dominate minimalist home architecture. This monochrome color makes the home look simpler, cleaner, but still modern and elegant. These three colors are usually applied to walls, floors, furniture, decorations, and more. However, you can still be creative with other colors as accents to sweeten the interior so it doesn't look monotonous.

Equipped with a Minimalist Garden

Not only is the design of the house simple, but the design of the garden in a modern minimalist house is also simple. Usually, the garden at home does not have trees that are too big and the ground is only covered with grass or rocks to make it look neat. Very few grow brightly colored flowers for gardens in modern minimalist homes.