Dissecting Inspiring Luxury Home Designs in the Movie Parasite

 There is no need to doubt the quality of the film Parasite from South Korea. The film won several Oscar 2019 awards due to its stunning storyline and cinematography. One of the most interesting and inspiring things is the design of the luxurious house belonging to the Park family in the film Parasite.

It turns out that the house design for the film Parasite was not initiated by an architect as told in the storyline. The house is the fruit of the mind of the film production designer, Lee Ha Jun. Although initially it was intended to make it easier to place the camera for shooting purposes, in fact the results of the house's design succeeded in inspiring many people to have a similar dwelling. Those of you who like minimalist style housing will definitely feel comfortable with the design of the house. Let's try to operate together!

Beautiful Exterior with Dry Garden Concept

6 minimalist luxury home exterior designs, film parasite

The garden on the terrace of the house is not always synonymous with shady trees and a damp atmosphere. This is evidenced in the film Parasite's home design which adopts a minimalist dry garden concept. The exterior of the house was deliberately made to resemble a dry garden as one of the backdrops for the scene. However, you can also bring it at home if you want to have a beautiful garden without carrying out a complicated maintenance process. A house terrace with neatly arranged grass will seem spacious and comfortable at the same time.

Large Capacity Family Room

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The most prominent element in the luxurious house of the Parasite film is the large-capacity living room. The living room is filled with cloth sofas and a large contoured wooden table. Although not equipped with other furniture as accessories, the family room looks very attractive and comfortable. The concept of a minimalist family room in the style of the film Parasite is definitely suitable for those of you who like minimalist style housing without excessive furniture.

Panorama in the form of Landscape Park

4 dry garden parasite film houses

The attractive appearance of the family room in the Parasite film house design is also enhanced by the garden landscape . The large mirror in the family room serves as a barrier between the room and the garden on the outside. The designer deliberately designed the size of the glass to match the ratio of widescreen films. As a result, the view in the garden can be an amazing spectacle for people who are active in the living room. That is why the living room in the film Parasite is not equipped with a TV or other entertainment facilities, but is dominated by a view of the garden.

Stunning Natural Lighting System

The design of the house in the film Parasite also emphasizes a natural lighting system that looks beautiful. From morning to evening, the interior of the house looks bright because it gets natural light from the garden landscape glass and the glass around the dining room. Meanwhile, the lighting at night also looks special because the effect is intentionally made dramatic. Several wall lamps and pendant lamps also add an artistic impression to the home interior.

The concept of a dining room without a partition

In the film Parasite, the Park family's house is designed to have a dining room that does not have a permanent partition from other rooms. The dining room looks very minimalist with a long table and wooden chairs. Artificial lighting in the dining area comes from a large chandelier. While the natural lighting comes from a long mirror attached to one of the walls.

Kitchen with Kitchen Island and Glass Cabinets

Another room that is no less special in the Parasite movie house is the kitchen. The kitchen of the house has a large kitchen island with typical hotel kitchen cooking utensils. The walls of the kitchen are equipped with a large refrigerator that is placed with a built-in concept, a glass cupboard for storing cutlery, and an alcoholic beverage cupboard. You can use this interesting arrangement concept at home. Alcoholic beverage storage cabinets can also be converted as a storage area for snacks or coffee and tea collections.

Interested in applying a luxurious home design in the style of the film Parasite to your residence? This elegant and artistic home design is sure to make you and your family feel at home. Guests will always be amazed by its beauty.