Mahogany Wood: Characteristics, Uses, Pluses & Minuses

 Mahogany wood is a type of wood that is familiar in Indonesia, especially in its use as furniture material . Because this one wood does have a habitat in the tropics. Mahogany wood is not as strong as teak . However, the quality remains superior and is considered suitable as a substitute for teak because the price is more economical.

Characteristics Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood can actually be found in Indonesia, especially in Java. This type of wood is quite popular as a furniture material because the planting period is quite short and the price is not too expensive. Mahogany wood also has a softer texture than other woods, making it easy to shape, and has a characteristic reddish tone . Want to know more about the characters, advantages, disadvantages, and uses of mahogany in home furniture ? Come on, see below!

Characteristics of Mahogany Wood

Even though they look the same, all types of wood must have different characteristics. If you want furniture made of mahogany wood, of course you have to get to know its characteristics first. Later, you can consider the advantages and disadvantages before making the best choice.

Types of Wood Fibers that Resemble Teak

Mahogany wood has a straight grain character, very similar to teak. That is why this type of wood is very suitable as a substitute for teak. The straight fibers make it easy to process and modify into various models without reducing its beauty.

The Older, The More Ripe Color

Young mahogany has a pale color which makes it less attractive for furniture or other needs. However, the color of the wood will be more mature and attractive when the wood gets older. Mahogany that is over 20 years old has a striking red heart color. The color looks very natural so it doesn't need a lot of additional polish.

Various Types of Finishing

If you want to maintain a strong and sharp impression of mahogany color, you can use a finishing material made from water based acrylic . This material will strengthen the original appearance of mahogany without a touch of other colors. Choose a mahogany color type for the best natural look. You can apply it to wood by smearing it with a ball, spraying it, or brushing it with a brush.

Meanwhile, if you choose varnish or varnish, the appearance of the wood after the finishing process will have a paler nuance. The sharp red color no longer appears as a prominent feature.

Advantages of Mahogany

Here are some of the advantages of mahogany that can make you more confident in choosing it:

The character of the fine, straight, and various wood grain. So that the natural appearance of mahogany already feels luxurious for furniture base materials .

The durability of the wood section is very stable. Mahogany is not easy to shrink or expand for decades. That is why mahogany is also often used for guitar-making materials.

The natural oil content is very low. Natural oils in wood can leave yellowish stains after the finishing process . This is often the case with teak wood. However, you don't need to worry because completely dry mahogany wood will not cause yellowish stains.

The price is more economical than teak wood. With a more affordable price, you can get quality furniture or other products that are equivalent to teak quality.

Disadvantages of Mahogany

Even though it has many advantages, mahogany wood also has some disadvantages that you should pay attention to:

Mahogany is often attacked by pests. You will be hard-pressed to find mature mahogany that is of very good quality. This wood can be harvested from the age of four to seven years. However, it would be better if you get a mahogany that is decades old.

It took a very long process to dry mahogany. Because mahogany that is completely dry has a superior quality that is not inferior to teak.

Many steps are needed to maintain the quality of mahogany. Because the raw materials must be stored properly, soaked in an insect repellent solution, in the oven for a long time, and the finishing also requires a high level of accuracy.

Uses of Mahogany Wood for Furniture

Some types of furniture that are usually made of mahogany include:

  • Coffee table
  • Dressing table
  • Dining table
  • Chair
  • Cupboard
  • Bed

Nightstand and various types of shelves

Apart from that, mahogany is also often used as a basic material for handicrafts, doors, and chests. This superior wood is indeed special and has many benefits. Not surprisingly, mahogany is classified as an expensive, luxurious wood in Europe and America.

Now, you certainly have no doubts about choosing quality furniture made of mahogany. The interior of the house will be more perfect with a touch of mahogany furniture according to your taste. Don't forget to read articles on tips on choosing furniture carefully from Bramble Furniture so you can get the best.