12 ideas that work to expand your home

Not enough space in the house? You do not know where to put all these things? And there is also not enough space for the rest of the family members? Don't worry, we've got 12 fantastic ideas to help you expand your home.

12 ideas that work to expand your home

Expanding your home doesn't always require major renovations. This can be an extension that does not affect the main rooms in the house, or a redecoration of existing rooms.

When it comes to expanding your home, it's important to understand that it's best to have the same firm that built your home do the work. It is she who will be able to correlate your requests and available conditions as correctly as possible. However, if you want to completely change the look and style of your home, then it is worth finding an architectural firm that designs in the style that you like so much.

Summer kitchen - a gift for the whole family

Summer kitchen can radically change your life during the warm season. From April to October, your family will enjoy outdoor recreation and leisure activities. Like in an American movie, you will be the "highlight of the program" - a chef who cooks his signature steaks on the grill.

A terrace is a great idea for expanding your home.

A terrace is a traditional, versatile and very simple solution for expanding a home. You can add a canopy to it, and it will become even more cozy. Or you can attach a pool to it to diversify the leisure time of your children in the summer.

In addition, the terrace is easily and quickly mounted - you do not have to start repairs in the house itself and change your usual way of life while the builders are doing their job.

Make a choice in favor of panoramic glazing

Panoramic windows will make your home more spacious. You seem to invite the garden into your living room, which will positively affect the microclimate in the house. The creation of panoramic glazing can be combined with the idea of ​​making two-light natural lighting in the living room.

Do not deny yourself a gazebo

The pergola allows you to create a small place for a meal in the garden. Usually it is located away from the house - in one of the corners of the garden, which was probably not used at all before. This expands the boundaries of ownership for the whole family. And believe me, it has a very fruitful effect on relationships!

Build a cozy traditional veranda

A veranda is a glazed terrace, necessarily attached to the house. It is customary to place it near the kitchen (to put a dining group there) or near the living room (if you want to have a winter garden or just a corner for tea parties).

You can equip the attic

If your attic is not currently in use, it is worth consulting with an architect. Maybe make a bedroom, a children's playroom, a home theater out of it? Some families even create spa oases here with a sauna, a hammam and a font that resembles a small pool.

Paint the walls white or as light as possible

Multi-colored wallpapers, dark and ocher colors often visually reduce rooms and the whole house as a whole. Try painting the walls in one room white, beige, pale gray and see what happens.

Walking areas for every garden!

A well-equipped yard area, and not just areas for recreation and a summer kitchen, will allow you and your children to use the entire site. If you are unhappy with what you have now, you should contact a landscape architect who will make the view more landscape and correctly plan the walking areas.

Open floor plan makes the house spacious

The open plan kitchen, dining and living areas make the home feel larger. Instead of three medium-sized rooms, you get one large one (as in the American dream house), and all your family members will be able to communicate with each other without barriers.

Patio is a good idea for a good rest

A patio is a type of terrace, but there are important differences between them. Usually there is upholstered furniture here - sofas and armchairs, sometimes a hanging chair or a comfortable leaf-shaped chaise longue, that is, those pieces of furniture that allow you to relax with great comfort.

The extension will help solve your problems

The extension can be large-scale - two- or even three-story, according to the format of your house. It can be made invisible, exactly repeating the architectural techniques in the design of the facade of the main building. It can be small, just one or two rooms, one-story, but, for example, with panoramic windows.

Most often, the annexes have a new spacious kitchen-living room, and the old rooms with these functions are referred to as a guest room, office or dressing room.

Mirror furniture and mirrors will be the final chord

Mirrored furniture is very important in the interior design of a country house. She is popular in the USA, Canada and France, Australia and Great Britain… The whole world fell in love with her! Invented in Venice, the birthplace of mirrors, such furniture can have an antique effect and be made either in the style of minimalism, or in the styles of shabby chic (with scuffs, like antiques), French or classic Venetian (with openwork elements).

Mirrored furniture visually increases the space and allows you to put a larger storage system in the same place, as it looks less massive. For example, an ordinary bedside table can be replaced with a more spacious chest of drawers.

Mirrors generally create a more harmonious atmosphere in the house. They reflect natural light from windows and artificial light sources, essentially becoming a small window, and visually increase the space due to reflections.


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