How to equip garages: tips and examples

When there are more things in the house than space, the garage will become the main assistant for their placement. It will help free up space and make the home free and spacious. But how to properly organize the space and what to move after all?

How to equip garages: tips and examples

A garage is not only a place to store a car, but also an opportunity to make the house more spacious. Everyone knows this simple truth, but few use it. But in vain, because there are many interesting ideas on how to place in it everything that interferes in a house or apartment without littering the garage.

To properly allocate space in the garage, it is best to divide it into imaginary zones. Firstly, it will help you arrange things correctly, and secondly, it will allow you to figure out if you have enough space for the whole space. Be sure to arrange a workshop in the garage. It will be possible to fit all the tools, accessories for the machine, leftover materials and more in it. Pay attention to organizer inserts - they will allow you to neatly arrange everything you need, and also get quick and convenient access to things. Stands will be good helpers in the garage - you can put bulky tools and items that should always be at hand on them.

Cabinets can be filled with every little thing like hardware, dowels, rubber bands and other things. You need to put a table so as not to hold everything in your hands. And try not to litter it, but use it only as a work surface.

An integral part of the rational organization of the garage will be shelves around the entire perimeter. They will save a lot of space and allow you to arrange rarely used items (Christmas tree decorations, archives, old children's toys).

Depending on the type of activity and hobby of the garage owner, a rack can be placed here, on which it is convenient to store garden care supplies, equipment and fertilizers. The stand for hunting and fishing will become a favorite and carefully kept place for the representatives of the male half. And wall holders and multi-level baskets will help keep bicycles and other sports equipment safe and sound.

Every housewife constantly lacks space in the kitchen or in the bathroom, so the supply of detergents can also be sent to the rack in the garage.

You can place in the garage and shelves for pet care products, and a supply of food for them. On the rack you can put seasonal shoes and clothes, and on adjustable shelves - items of different sizes.


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