How to Make a Minimalistic Kitchen with the Green Kitchen Concept

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How to Make a Minimalistic Kitchen with the Green Kitchen Concept

The minimalistic home kitchen is distinguished by its clean white and neutral color scheme, as well as its lack of excess furniture.However, it seems now that the definition of a minimalistic home kitchen has shifted in a more varied direction and is not just attached to the concept of color.

On the Internet, there are numerous sources of inspiration and references for minimalist and simple kitchens.And now you must adjust to your kitchen situation and the concepts you want to implement in your kitchen to make it look minimalist and simple.

Growing plants at home became a new trend as long as pandemics like this existed.Yes, although planting plants has been practiced since ancient times, there are now more and more alternatives to planting in confined spaces, such as the home.

The kitchen is also a perfect place to place decorative plants at once to decorate a simple, minimalist home kitchen and keep them fresh. Therefore, try to create your simple, minimalistic kitchen with the concept of a green kitchen.

For those of you who want to rebuild the kitchen to look better and more interesting than before, Let's see shows how to make a simple minimalist kitchen with this green kitchen concept.

Place the kitchen in a place exposed to the sun.

Sometimes the kitchen is located in the back and not exposed to direct sunlight. This will affect the appearance of your kitchen.

To make a simple, minimalist home kitchen with the concept of a "green kitchen," use the natural light of the moon to illuminate your kitchen instead of using light during the daytime.

In addition to saving energy, the direct mahri light that enters the kitchen is also beneficial for circulation and reduces certain disease germs.

But the problem is that not all of the kitchen can be moved. Well, one of the hacks you can do is make a glass ventilation system for your kitchen or on the wall.

Although small, at least the light can get into the kitchen. In this way, you can create a green kitchen even if you only hang out in the sunlight.

Put green plants in the kitchen area

One of the things that supports the concept of a green kitchen is greenery. If you think your kitchen is too boring, smooth, and lacking in greenery, try buying small pots of green plants and placing them around the room.

You can put it near the stove, hang it on the wall near the refrigerator, or put it in the middle of the dining table.

Just spread green plants in various corners of your minimalist home kitchen to make it look more fresh and attractive, of course.

The plants you can put in the house, especially in the kitchen, are leafy vegetables, and their roots are small.
You could put flowers in your kitchen, but be sure not to dirty it because of the strains and roots that require large soil and pots.

You can also choose vegetable plants whose leaves are red or brown so that your kitchen looks more colorful.

Give the kitchen a green color

Although it is not required, adding a splash of color that supports is a good idea, lho.If you are tired of the color of your outdated kitchen cabinet, try painting it green to make it more fresh and colorful.

If you do not have kitchen furniture but are interested in decorating it with the concept of a simple minimalist home kitchen in green, try choosing green furniture to support this concept.

But there is an alternative if you feel that buying furniture is too expensive but want to decorate the kitchen with a touch of green. Use wallpaper on the kitchen walls with colors such as pastel or fresh leafy green.

In addition to being more varied, wallpapers are not as expensive as other kitchen furniture.

Minimize the use of plastic

The kitchen cannot get rid of trash, especially plastic garbage. Although the kitchen already has the concept of a "green kitchen" with all its decorations that support but do not necessarily implement zero waste plastic,

As a result, this is a challenge for those of you who are already addicted to using plastic in your simple minimalist home kitchen.However, this is not an excuse to continue using plastic.
Instead of using plastic bags to pack certain foods, try using leaves like banana leaves that are safer and more environmentally friendly.

If you still use plastic bags, you can reduce your use by using paper or cloth bags that can be reused.

Thus, the concept of a minimalist home kitchen and a simple green kitchen involves not only the appearance but also the care of the surrounding environment.


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