The interior of the kitchen with different themes

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The interior of the kitchen with different themes

The interior of the kitchen has a significant impact on your comfort and your family's enjoyment of cooking. A minimalist kitchen interior can make your kitchen look simple and enjoyable. However, for some people, a minimalist kitchen with a monotonous interior design can quickly get boring. Therefore, having an interesting theme for your kitchen design can be an option.

Still confused about what kind of interior design is suitable for your kitchen? Let's see brings some interior inspiration for your kitchen with the following themes!

Interior of the forest kitchen

For those of you who love to adventure to the area that is beautiful, of course, you also want the atmosphere of the home and the kitchen to be beautiful. Using natural colors and natural nuances in a minimalistic kitchen, you can create an authentic and comfortable atmosphere. To present the nuances of nature, you can choose to use a somewhat dark green color that contrasts with the color of the leaves.

To add a shade of asterisk, you can plant indoor plants in your kitchen area. You can place these indoor plants near the kitchen window. This is very important to note because if you place indoor plants near the window, then your plants will grow more fertile. Continue air circulation in your kitchen smoothly for the air in your kitchen to be fresher.

Combine it with a wooden kitchen table to add a natural impression to your kitchen. Use kitchen backsplashes with natural colors so that your kitchen's atmosphere is not too dark. A kitchen backsplash serves to protect your walls from cooking scratches that can dirty the kitchen.

Interior of the kitchen on the beach

Do you like the cool beach atmosphere? The beach has the same atmosphere as the sea, with white sand and a slight cream color. Unfortunately, we can’t go to the beach every day. We can, however, provide you with a beach atmosphere at home, one of which is in your minimalist kitchen area.

Building a beach theme in the kitchen? Why not. You can use a refreshing blend of cream, white, and sea blue colors to bring the beach atmosphere to the kitchen. Use a white wood kitchen set to create a natural impression in your kitchen. To give a room a beach tint, you can choose to use a kitchen table that is blue to look at.

Kitchen without cabinets or a kitchen set

A minimalistic kitchen can be created without the use of a kitchen cabinet or kitchen set. The look of your kitchen without a kitchen cabinet will make it look wider. To make it look more relaxed, you can choose to use natural and bright colors such as gray or white.

Make sure your kitchen has adequate light sources and enough windows to provide lighting. A bright kitchen can make the room feel wider. In addition, you can also save more electricity because you do not need to turn on the light on a hot day.

Scandinavian Kitchen

The Scandinavian design for the interior of the house is now heavily overshadowed. The simple and elegant Scandinavian interior design becomes a special attraction for those who like simple designs. The interior of the Scandinavian kitchen is perfect to apply to your minimalist kitchen.

The characteristic of the Scandinavian interior is that it has a sufficient source of natural lighting by using wide windows so that sunlight can easily enter. In addition, the colors in Scandinavian design tend to be neutral colors such as white, cream, brown, and also grey. The furniture models used in Scandinavian-style interiors are generally thin and simple but still elegant.

Shabby Chic Interior for a Sweet Kitchen

Are you a shabby-chic designer? One of the options is to use shabby chic style kitchen interior design. Generally, shabby chic designs use vintage objects by highlighting soft and feminine colors such as pink, blue, and bone white. The shabby chic style design details are also very unique because they have complicated sculptures that look very beautiful.


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