Kitchens in dark colors: a stylish solution or a gloomy place

Not everyone likes pastel shades in the design of a living space. On the contrary, many people prefer deep, saturated colors.Therefore, the dark kitchen in the interior is so popular. Meanwhile, such tones are peculiar, but if you think over the design of the room correctly, it becomes very stylish.

Advantages and disadvantages of dark kitchens

A dark kitchen set has a lot of obvious advantages:

  • stylish, but at the same time strict and restrained, so the interior acquires elegance and nobility;
  • looks good in spacious rooms;
  • helps to visually balance the room, for example, if it is too wide or has high ceilings, as well as correctly place accents (all this is provided for by the design project);
  • "friends" with different styles;
  • In dark colors, even simple, budget material looks expensive.

Black kitchen in the studio: a great solution for a spacious room

A kitchen painted in dark colors at the same time has the following disadvantages:

  • An excess of dark colors (if the environment of the headset is incorrectly selected) makes the interior heavier and gives gloominess;
  • On black, brown, dark blue, and similar surfaces, the slightest dirt and mechanical damage are immediately visible (especially in the glossy version), so the kitchen will need to be cleaned much more often than the light one;
  • Too dark tones have a depressing effect on the psyche, especially in sensitive people; such a gloomy perception is enhanced if the kitchen windows face the north side;
  • If the room is small, then the kitchen with black facades will visually reduce it even more.
  • The illumination of a black kitchen is lower than that of a light one; most likely, the light will have to be turned on even during the day.

Kitchens with dark facades: gloss or matte texture?

Dark colors in kitchen furniture look different in matte and glossy versions. So, in a classic interior, a black matte kitchen looks more organic; this texture emphasizes elegance and nobility. However, an excess of matte surfaces can make the room dull and create a dusty effect.

Black gloss is relevant for modern design. Dark tones in this texture look cleaner and richer. In addition, a glossy black kitchen does not visually reduce space as much as a matte one.

Dark Kitchen Design: Matching Styles

A kitchen in black (or in shades close to it) will organically fit into the following styles:

    1. Classic. Black and shades of furniture close to it will only emphasize the elegance of the style. Combined with gilded fittings and decor, these colors will add luxury to the interior.
    2. Loft. Dark sets in this style look impressive, especially in combination with brick red, beige, or grayish walls.
    3. High tech. The style implies bright contrasts because black furniture will go well with snow-white walls, like a metal apron. Spectacular contrasts will be obtained with other dark tones as a basis. Hi-tech implies a play of light and shine, so let the surface of the headset be glossy.
    4. Arab. The basis of the style will be rich blue, burgundy, and emerald hues in combination with bright ornaments and designer carvings.

Kitchens in dark colors: a suitable addition

The monochrome of the kitchen will create the illusion of a box even in the most spacious room. Therefore, a black kitchen set in the interior needs an appropriate frame that will emphasize the depth of color. For example, a countertop or an apron does not have to be designed to match the facade—let this part be light.

It is also desirable to decorate the walls much lighter than the shade of the furniture. A variety of materials are suitable for finishing; the traditional one is ceramic tiles. At the same time, let the floor and ceiling remain dark. You can, on the contrary, make dark walls; the floor and ceiling will already be light. Beige, sand, coffee tones, and ivory are perfect.

Black or, for example, dark gray suggests intense lighting. Therefore, it is desirable to install additional designer lighting at the top of the working area, above the cooking area. At the same time, a warm light spectrum is in harmony with the dark colors of the furniture.

It can be interesting to beat the design of a dark kitchen with the help of household appliances—make it a bright accent, observing the rule: let all appliances, from a refrigerator to a microwave oven, be of the same color so as not to violate the severity of the kitchen.

The design of the kitchen in black is ideally complemented by metallic household appliances.

The decor of a black kitchen is largely determined by its style. But you should not choose a dark color for him. Let the paintings and other wall elements be bright strokes, refreshing the overall look of the room and giving it completeness.

Color variations of the kitchen with dark facades

The most popular dark shades of kitchen sets are as follows:

    1. The black kitchen in the interior is both rigor and sophistication, a true embodiment of the classics. This color is combined with various shades.

black kitchen in the interior

    1. Brown. It also embodies nobility, especially if the facade of the headset is made of natural wood. The color has many stylish dark shades: for example, chocolate, oak, and dark coffee.

    2. Dark concrete. Similar to black, this color blends beautifully with numerous shades. But in the design of the room there should not be an excess of it; otherwise, the dark gray kitchen set will visually make the interior too cold.

dark gray kitchen in the interior

    1. Dark green. This refined, luxurious color is "friends" with the classics and is in harmony with the gilded decor. The room will look especially stylish with a combination of dark emerald with white, yellow, and light gray tones.

    2. Blue. Marine shades or the color of dark sapphire will bring a fresh touch and airiness to the interior of the kitchen. These tones are even appropriate for the Provence country style, where light colors are traditionally used.

dark blue kitchen

    1. Dark purple. Cold shades of color will give the interior of the kitchen a certain pretentiousness; therefore, it is worth stopping at warm colors that will add a touch of mystery.

dark purple kitchen

  1. Dark red, wine, burgundy The kitchen in these colors looks elegant and modern at the same time. The interior will have appropriate gilded elements and designer carvings. White, contrasting elements will perfectly fit into the appearance of such a kitchen.


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