Kitchens with an island

The interior of a kitchen with an island involves the location in the center of the room of a table or a set element with a countertop the  "island", which can be represented by a dining table, a work surface with or without household appliances, a bar counter, and other furniture components. This solution allows you to expand the functionality of the headset and make it more ergonomic. Consider the most popular options for the island in the kitchen, their pros and cons, and also note the key features of interior planning.

Interior design features

What role can the island play in the interior of the kitchen?

The kitchen with an island is an idea of restaurateurs who sought to make the work of cooks more convenient and provided access to the working surface of the tables from two sides. However, in home interiors, its functionality is much wider, and there are more design options. Let's note the most popular types of kitchen islands:

Bar counter. A functional and stylish solution is to install a bar counter in the center of the room. At the same time, only half of the counter can perform the function of a rack; the other half can be used to organize a work area or install equipment. Working surface. It can be a kitchen island with a sink, hob, and other built-in appliances or a classic countertop with cabinets below for convenient storage of dishes, food, and utensils. Dinner Zone. A kitchen island with a dining area allows you to integrate a dining room into the room. This is especially convenient if you need to create 2-3 places and don't need to set up a massive table in the center of the room.


Less often, the island element performs a decorative function; it plays the role of a stand for flowers, vases, crystal collections, and other items that can complement and decorate the interior. However, this is only possible in large kitchens that do not need to save space and visually expand it. Putting a decorative island in a small space is impractical.

Which areas are suitable for this solution?

The interior design of a kitchen with an island requires space, even if it is a small table installed in the center. It is important to ensure a sufficient width of the aisles and the ergonomics of the headset located against the walls.

It is recommended to use this solution for owners of kitchen areas of 25 square meters and more. It is realistic to make such a set for a smaller room, but you will have to sacrifice the dimensions of the cabinets and countertops located near the walls or abandon them.


Pros and cons of an island in the kitchen

This solution has a set of advantages and disadvantages, which can be balanced by the features of the layout and dimensions of the room. We note the pros and cons of the kitchen with the island, which must be taken into account in the selection process.


  • Ergonomics.  The island zone complements the "working triangle" and allows you to speed up the cooking process.
  • Functionality. A kitchen island with a stove, sink, household appliances, and other necessary components of a headset make the room more comfortable and open up new functionalities.
  • Aesthetics.  The island zone is an original, spectacular solution that allows you to create a headset with a stylish and attractive design.
  • Zoning. The minimum distance from the kitchen to the island is 1 meter. Its installation will visually isolate the cooking area from the rest of the room, which is especially convenient when combining a room with a dining room or when designing an interior for a studio apartment.
  • Dining area integration The island can serve as a dining area; it can be a bar counter or a full-fledged dining table. In this case, you are integrating the dining area into the kitchen.



  1. Loss of space Even a small island will take 1-3 square meters from the premises. m. area.
  2. The need for additional communications An island with a sink, stove, oven, and other models of built-in household appliances and plumbing will require additional communications.
  3. The complexity of planning in small rooms This solution is rarely suitable for small rooms; it is worth choosing a small island with an area of no more than 1 sq. m.

Please note: when located in the area of the oven and hob, it is necessary to supplement the ventilation system. The hood for an island kitchen should be located directly above the stove, regardless of its location.

Ideal parameters for a kitchen island

They always depend on the area of the room and the features of its layout. The size of the kitchen island for a room of 15 to 25 square meters should be 1-2 square meters. This is quite enough to place a small table or bar counter. At the same time, depending on the layout, the size of the kitchen island with an area of u200bu200b25 sq. m. may exceed 3 sq. m. m.

Of decisive importance is the type of headset as well as its location along the walls. In some cases, countertops around the perimeter may be completely absent; the work area is moved to the middle. Otherwise, the distance between the kitchen and the island must meet the requirements for the comfort of the room. Otherwise, the level of comfort in the room is sharply reduced. Therefore, the size of the passages must be at least 1 meter wide.


Kitchen layout

Island in the kitchen—is it convenient? Yes, if you pay attention to the layout and achieve its compliance with the functionality and dimensions of the furniture. The main rule is the lack of piling up of interior items and a sufficient amount of free space. Otherwise, the island can occupy any place and have any geometry.

A kitchen set with an island can be straight, parallel, angular, or U-shaped. In this case, the island zone can have any geometric shape, from a classic rectangle to a square, rhombus, circle, or oval. It all depends on the chosen solution and the features of the furniture.

Interior design features

It is necessary to consider lighting, ventilation, and communications. Considering the maximum of options will help you understand how to make the island in the kitchen both convenient and functional. Try to consider the following interior design rules:

  • The hood for the island in the kitchen should be located directly above the stove, oven, or hob;
  • The headset layout near the walls is standard; the only requirement is that the passages be at least 1 meter wide.
  • Lighting above the island in the kitchen can be represented by a chandelier, pendant, or recessed ceiling light;
  • It is necessary to bring communications when placing a sink or household appliances on the island - for this, the floor must be raised by 3-4 cm.
  • Pendant lights above the kitchen island will help to zone the room if the ceiling height is sufficient - for example, to separate the cooking area from the dining area. 


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