Measuring the kitchen: specifics, the main stages of measuring

When ordering a kitchen set, the measurement of the room for the kitchen is mandatory. Accurate measurement data is important; they determine the absence of problems with the installation of finished furniture in the future. You can take the necessary measurements yourself. But it is better if experienced furniture makers do this.

Firstly, not every person knows how to properly measure the kitchen. But the future design of the project, the appearance of finished furniture, and the comfort of operation depend on this.

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How to take kitchen measurements: basic rules

  1. Adjoining walls in the corner where the furniture will be placed are checked for perpendicularity. To do this, it is necessary to draw vertical lines at a distance of 1 meter directly from the corner on the walls. On these lines, set marks at a height of one and one-and-a half meters. Measure the length of the segment between the risks at each level; with a perpendicular angle, it will be 1 m, 414 cm. With a deployed one, the length will be greater than this indicator; with an acute one, less.
  2. If the furniture is placed by the window (or built around the opening), it is important to get its parameters. The window is measured in height from the highest point of the opening at the top to the window sill, as well as between the side slopes at the extreme points. Between the openings on the sides, measurements must be taken at the edge of the upper slope, in the middle of the window, and also closer to the window sill. Additionally, it is necessary to measure the length of the window sill itself, as well as its height from the floor.
  3. The correct measurement of the kitchen provides for the study of the entire room and the obligatory measurement of niches (if any). Using the level, its verticality as well as its width and height must be checked.
  4. In the presence of beams and protrusions, which, among other things, can serve as elements of engineering communications, each element is measured at several points, ranging from 3 to 5, depending on their length. The horizontal and vertical positions of their placement in space are checked.
  5. Doorways are measured if future furniture will adjoin them. The distance from the door to the first proposed piece of furniture is indicated. It is important to prevent the open door of the future locker or any other detail from subsequently preventing the door from being opened or blocking the passage.

How to properly measure the kitchen for a kitchen set: the main steps

When measuring a kitchen to order, experts follow a certain procedure. This allows you to not miss the details of measurements:

  1. On a piece of paper in a convenient format (A4, A3, etc.), a preliminary plan for the placement of furniture is drawn. It indicates where the household equipment will be located. At the same time, it is important to take into account the placement of already installed communications and the possibility of altering them (if water and sewer pipes can be moved to the right and left if necessary, then changing the position of the gas pipe, for example, is impossible without obtaining the appropriate permits).
  2. A drawing of the wall is being drawn, which will be subsequently closed with furniture elements. The height and dimensions of the kitchen apron are indicated, as are the door and window openings and the location of the ventilation hatch.
  3. On the prepared plan, the curvature of the room and the magnitude of the angle between adjacent walls are prescribed. The resulting picture is as close as possible to the real parameters.
  4. The distances between the main objects that are important for the future working area are measured. In this case, it is important to take a single parameter as the main point. The ideal option is the corner that is closest to the future headset (or is enclosed by it).
  5. Then you can draw the details of the furniture and measure the distance to each of the buildings—the facade.

You can draw several plans at once: a frontal, side, and top view. When using hinged doors, the angle of their rotation when opening is calculated; it is important that the doors do not "beat" against the walls, against each other, ajar drawers, or the corners of the bar counter.

Kitchen measuring tools

Experts recommend that, before all measurements are taken, elements of old furniture are taken out of the premises, debris is removed from the walls, unnecessary details are removed, and the premises are stocked with the following set of tools:

  • hard tape measure with precise markings. The higher the rigidity of the tape of this tool, the more convenient it is to use it when taking measurements at a distance of more than one meter; in the process, such a tape measure will not break and bend.
  • stickers, ordinary chalk, or a simple pencil, with which it will be possible to leave marks on walls and other surfaces for control measurements;
  • a flashlight, without which it is difficult to carry out the procedure in darkened corners and niches, as well as in rooms with insufficient lighting;
  • stepladder or stable chair - for performing measurement procedures at height;
  • level for measuring the perpendicularity of elements (as well as deviations);
  • paper, pens, and pencils for recording the results.

When carrying out work, specialists usually use millimetric paper, on which they transfer the scale of the room and calculate all the measurement results obtained.

In order to make it easier for designers in the future, you should also use a camera (or smartphone camera) to shoot the room from several angles.

If you are not sure that you have figured out how to properly measure the kitchen, it is better to entrust this matter to specialists. The parameters of the room and the planned furniture set are calculated as accurately as possible; this will avoid many problems in the future. After all, any miscalculations will lead to the fact that, during the installation process, the furniture may not fit into the planned space and it will need to be redone.

Our company has a service for measuring the kitchen with departure. Our employee will not only draw up a detailed plan of the room and help calculate all the parameters of the furniture set, but also give recommendations on the placement of sockets, the choice of materials for the manufacture of the kitchen, and advice on the placement of household appliances in the work area.


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