Modern designer kitchen: a unique interior solution

It would seem that nothing could be more stable than the interior of a kitchen in an ordinary, average apartment. After all, everything has already been thought of for you! It is enough to choose furniture and order its production according to the parameters of the room. Is it so?

What seemed fashionable, modern, and practical 10 years ago seems not very interesting today—outdated. Kitchen design solutions are becoming more and more popular. After all, you want this room in the house to be convenient and comfortable, and its interior to be as simple and practical as possible and tailored to your lifestyle.

designer kitchen

The kitchen has changed significantly with the advent of new household appliances. If earlier, in this room, it was only necessary to place a refrigerator and a stove, today you have to find places for a dishwasher; think over the placement of sockets for an oven, an electric kettle, a slow cooker, and a bread machine. Kitchen design projects help to use every square meter of the room to its full benefit!

Modern interiors, designed to order, include:

  • maximum free space;
  • competent mixing of styles;
  • clarity of lines and simplification of details;
  • absence of chaos - thoughtfulness in all things
  • functionality and ergonomics;
  • use of all surfaces;
  • the use of wear-resistant, easy-care materials;
  • placement of built-in equipment
  • individual lighting layout;
  • thoughtful combination of materials and colors.

What is the difference between a designer kitchen interior and an ordinary one?

Indeed, it can be difficult for the layman to distinguish between a classic European-style renovation and a designer kitchen design. The latter is often associated with the unusual use of space in the room, its redevelopment, and the selection of a unique style.

Such kitchens are made only to order, according to an individually prepared project. When developing such a design, specialists typically employ a wide range of innovative technologies, including 3D visualization of the future interior.

The design, manufacture, and installation of the kitchen are carried out in several stages:

  1. Directly at the facility, the designer carries out work on the measurements of the premises and studies the possibilities of its redevelopment if the owner plans to carry it out.
  2. An individual design project is created, which is transferred to paper and also provides for digital execution. Under the order, a 3D visualization of the future kitchen is performed.
  3. Materials for the kitchen are selected, including facades, countertops, sinks, taps, household appliances, additional furniture (a dining group, a bar counter, etc.), as well as fittings.
  4. A full calculation of the cost of a designer kitchen set and its installation is carried out.
  5. Work is underway to change the location of utilities (if necessary).
  6. Lighting planned.
  7. Finishing of the premises, installation of a kitchen apron, and installation of furniture and household appliances under the author's supervision and that of the designer.

Unlike the usual custom-made designer kitchen, this is always:

    1. The uniqueness of the created design, which has no analogues. Individual approach to the client in the preparation of the project Strict consideration of the wishes of the customer based on his needs and the requirements of his family members
    2. Smart use of existing space. Often, only a design project allows you to make even a small kitchen in a typical "Khrushchev" or "Stalinka" home spacious, bright, and comfortable, let alone think over the layout of a kitchen studio or a large area in a new building. Every detail matters here: the location of the windows, the possibility of access to the balcony, the placement of furniture, the choice of style (taking into account its specifics in other rooms of the apartment or house).

Designer kitchens—is it always expensive?

When ordering a designer modern kitchen, any person is aware that in addition to the cost of repairing the premises and buying and installing furniture, he will also pay for the services of the designer himself.

The cost of the services of a designer is often estimated at several tens of thousands of rubles. However, in some cases, such costs are justified. Especially in cases where it comes to a non-standard room, the inability to independently find a single stylistic solution means there is no understanding of what the kitchen should be like as a whole.

The design project makes it possible to save:

  • optimize the cost of purchasing finishing materials;
  • buy them according to a strictly calculated plan;
  • Eliminate the risk of manufacturing furniture with inaccuracies that need to be improved in the future;
  • warn of other possible errors.

The most expensive facades and fixtures are not always the best. More often, it happens the other way around: when, when ordering furniture on their own, the client pays for expensive "handleless" opening systems and subsequently realizes that it is not very convenient for him to use them.

Our designers are ready to offer an individual development of the kitchen, taking into account your needs and your budget. The specialist knows exactly where to save money and find a unique functional solution, and where to abandon the idea of purchasing headset elements cheaper.

Examples of designer kitchens developed by us are presented in the portfolio of works of the Eurostyle company in St. Petersburg. Becoming our client, you will be able to become the owner of a unique author's kitchen in a relatively short time—comfortable, ergonomic, extremely stylish, and cozy! Leave a request on the site, and we will contact you to discuss the details.


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