Small kitchen interior design

Kitchen design for 5 square meters

Let your 5-square kitchen be in a dilapidated Khrushchev or high-rise- the main thing is what's inside. Each square can be furnished with style and functionality without sacrificing space. Your main assistant and tool is white. The volume of such small-sized premises should be felt at least visually. Let the walls be white, and complete the headset in one of the shades. Also dilute with a contrasting stain in the accompanying design. The result will surprise and make you take a fresh look at the once cramped space.
There are also other options for decorating the interior of a small kitchen. For example, the use of built-in household appliances: a refrigerator, an electric or gas stove and a dishwasher are integrated into a 5 sq. m. For this purpose, not any kitchen furniture is suitable, since the room should be equipped only along the walls or in an angular way. It is unacceptable to use the island in the kitchen, because there is simply not enough space for cooking.
Happy owners of thick-walled brezhnevka get the opportunity to use window sills for other than their intended purpose. A spacious closet is often built into the area under the window. Sometimes communications are also brought out to the window, using the area for installing the sink. This design combines style with utility at the same time - as a modern kitchen should look like.
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Kitchen area of ​​6 square meters

In the case of a small kitchen of 6 squares, the general recommendations remain the same. The main thing that will have to be sacrificed is the dining area and the island, which is designed to facilitate cooking in a spacious room. We highlight three popular options.
Among the projects for the arrangement of the Khrushchev kitchen for 6 square meters. m there are several options:
Minimalistic - an option in which you should get by with a minimum of technology and abandon design excesses;
Functional - to install a complete set of built-in household appliances, around which the design project will be built;
Combined - the necessary devices and a modern functional design that will remain in trend for at least a few more years.
Separately, it is worth highlighting the lighting, because such a kitchen should have a lot of light. At the same time, it is better to hide the light bulbs, to refuse the option of a massive chandelier that blocks the space. The best solution would be LED lighting or cold energy-saving light bulbs integrated into the facade.

Ideas for the kitchen 7 square meters

It is worth noting that at any time there is an opportunity to redevelop the apartment and turn a room with a small kitchen into a spacious studio. And even if this option is excluded, the kitchen interior of 7 squares can boast a great abundance of options and colors. The design project of such a room may contain furniture from a variety of natural materials with a natural color: wood, metal, glass, concrete, ceramics. This option became popular in 2019, but will remain in demand throughout the next year.
Perhaps there is still not enough space for an island and a dining table. But you can already afford a chandelier in the center of the room. It centers and brightly illuminates the space, which is why the room does not lose in visual perception, but wins in design.
Despite the fact that the area is two meters more than the minimum, it is still impossible to install a U-shaped set in such a kitchen. Try to stick to in-line or corner types of kitchen furniture installation. With examples of modern kitchen design 7 sq. m you can see in the photo.

Kitchen design up to 8 square meters

On 8 square meters, you can indulge in a dining area - a table with a couple of chairs along the wall will fit perfectly into the space of a cozy room. It is better if the furniture is made of white or its shades. As an exception, you can consider the option of a contrasting black dining area, but it is better to consult with the designer.
If the room has an elongated shape, then a perpendicular table-island will help to separate the kitchen from the room and organize a couple of seats. An important nuance is that the countertop must be supported by a hinge or a metal rack. Then the seated will be comfortable, and the chairs can be moved so that nothing interferes with cooking.
There are various ideas for a kitchen of 8 square meters. m. By abandoning the furniture, you will get more space to maneuver when cooking, equip the room with additional appliances - a separate hob and oven. Colors and shades in this case can also be chosen from a larger spectrum.

Kitchen design 9 square meters

9 square meters is, of course, not a stadium, but it is no longer a cramped space for one person. In such a room, two or three adults will find a place for themselves. Whether it's a family dinner or four-handed cooking, the right set will brighten up any pastime.
You can furnish a modern kitchen with an area of ​​​​9 squares not only in space-saving options, but also in accordance with trends, adhering to a certain style.
The monochrome kitchen is not only space-saving, universally compatible with any layout, but also remains popular for several years.
A kitchen made of natural materials harmoniously combines wood, glass, metal, etc. The style of this room remains on the edge, without going to Provence or Neomodern. This idea will be highly appreciated by most guests, friends and family members.
Contrasting kitchen. Ditch all-consuming white in favor of blue, green, red or another color. Arrange bright elements made of plastic, leather or glass in space. By drawing attention to certain details, you get a chance to distract your eyes from bulky but necessary solutions: a spacious refrigerator or massive cabinets.
There are no bad spaces. The interior design of the kitchen must be approached with taste and patience, to think through the details. Then the result will be beyond any praise.


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